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From AW 2010 Similar coat to the Look #1, if not the exact same coat. Only difference it seems is that mine has a removable belt loosely woven with dense beige yarn, though the garment is not all that stretchy made from a structured beige yarn weave, with the gaps and surface filled with numerous green and navy wool clusters. Very soft to the touch. belt is removable and attached with buttons 100% wool Measurements: this pretty much can be worn by anyone from 48-54...
Double pocket shirt from Dries. Freshly laundered so it's a tiny bit wrinkly, but at least it's clean. Good condition, no sort of damages any where really good cotton fabric and impeccable stitching. fits too small on me now, hence why I'm selling Measurements: 17.5" shoulders at front 21.5" pit to pit the colour of photos looks kind of off due to the wooden floor background. But the shirt is white to avoid any confusion Shipping from Canada. $10 to Canada, $15 to US
This one is made by Avirex, it doesn't have the usual made in USA size tag. But it says Avirex on the black contract label.I googled the Tom Hardy pic. It looks like a RAF flight jacket just like this one, but his has pockets. Mine does not, so it's similar but no the same. But I like how high the collar goes on mine when i pop it too.I wish mine was like 28" or 29" sleeves though, the shearling makes the sleeves a bit short because it sits higher on my shouldersI also did...
Well since the weather is getting colder, I though I would start adding some repro shearlings in here I do have a question regarding caring for the jacket, seller told me this is a jacket from 1978. I assume the leather becomes more fragile over the years? There are two small holes circles correspondingly which appears to stem from two stitching holes. Will these holes get bigger, if so how can i prevent it from doing so? Also, how could I condition this jacket? Seller...
Random question: re australia Can anyone comment on the living costs per year for an international grad student in Sydney or Melbourne? Including food, rent (reasonable distance to campus under 2-5km) How do the costs compare to major cities in North America? Tuition would already be insanely high compared to Canadian standards though Sorry if this isnt the appropriate thread
http://www.yoox.com/us/44863992GT/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=44863992GT&sizeId=9 Anyone with knowledge of this White Premiata brand? is it a diffusion line from Premiata? How is the build quality? I just need shoes to not fall apart.
half inch difference is minuscule, that's why you can't see a difference You an afford to size up but i think it fits well at this size too
thanks guys, I was tempted to dye it because I've been looking for a black one with MRS zips for forever in a large size (roughly 54?), but I like the grey colour also so I was waffling on the decision still. I must say the 5-zips sleeves are quite long, I have a 6'4" wingspan and the sleeves almost touch the first knuckle of my thumb What are some good leather conditioners that will not alter the colour of the jacket too much?
hey guys I'm looking for some advice as to whether I can dye this jacket or not. Meaning will the dye work well with this jacket? this is a FW 2002 5-zip in a "distressed" dark grey colour, the leather it self isnt too distressed it seems, just the dye job is. The jacket looks like it only has surface dyes for the most part. The jacket looks to be in new condition I would be trying to dye it black with this...
what does the tag look like though? also DR1 is the old toj 2010dr right? just double checking
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