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only tried on. roughly a size 50 with minor adjustments Measurements: shoulders: 18.75" chest: 22.25-22.5" sleeve length: 26" back length 25.5" this isn't free, hit me up with an offer please. Or I can trade for any TOJ DR variation in similar sizes
I have another pair I've worn for almost two years and there is no sign of them wearing out (I can post some pics of those if you guys are interested). fits TTS shipping is $20 to Canada, $40 to US
This is from the "replica" line from SS 2006 Reproduction of evening shirt of Stockholm 1976 Featuring a french cuff of some sort, though not one you'd fold over, unless you want the sleeves to be shorter. Cuff links with two MOP buttons comes with it. I think the older margiela shirts have much nicer fabrics (I have several from 2007 and older) One of the stitches for the tag is cut, but older MMM shirts like this one do not have the four stitches showing on the...
Still trading or selling thisAlso interested in a size 54 baseball jacket
yeah I would vote to keep it at the ratio, double rider jackets with a large p2p and small shoulders doesn't look good imo
I think the arms don't need to be slimmer, I think the arms look wide because the model in the picture has a relatively large torso compared to his arms so the arms look big. Also it's bunching due to the sleeve length and stiffness which makes it look big. But I guess the only way to know for sure is to get a arm width measurement on that jacket Also I think dropping shoulders down to 19" from 19.5" is enough, 18.5" would be too small for a 22..75" p2p
I put down the ones I'm fairly sure of beside the linksYou can try to search their usernames in this thread and see if someone asked them what leather it is to be sure
http://www.styleforum.net/t/379261/temple-of-jawnz-toj-whiskey-lamskin-bomber-jacket-size-46-47/0_20 someone should really buy this, the whisky lamb is really nice
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