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in a size 48, 50, or 52, I had a size 46, was getting a bit small with weight training. Have been looking for a bigger size for a long time. Please help
Retailed for $700+ never got around to wearing these, now they are too small nice weight to this, fall/spring and winter weight partially lined in the thighs it has a nice tapered fit, with a nice amount of room in the hips and thighs Measurements waist: 15" unstretched, 18" stretched front rise including waist band: 12" back rise including waist band: 16" thigh at crotch: 13" thigh (5" down from crotch): 11" knee (15" down from crotch): 8.5" inseam: 33.5" Hem: 6.75"
All silk with the smooooothest acetate lining i have ever felt, its so fuking soft for real, silver chains. fits true to large, think I've worn this once indoors lol
Very thick and warm fishtail parka. Completely waterproof and windproof. Water repels off the surface of the jacket easily. So you stay nice and dry. retailed for $800+ I am selling because I've grown too wide in the shoulders for this Tailored shoulders and slightly curved sleeves, reminiscent of a tailored overcoat Big hood that can be folded back or reshaped (with internal wire) Unlined in the body Arms are lined and very lightly padded Armpits are have vent holes...
I had a black suede bomber that was really really nice, probably the best leather/suede that I've handled. It was so thick yet pliable.Sad I had to sell it b/c it was getting too small. But it was a size 46 that fits a 50 or small 52. Been on the lookout for it in a 48 or 50 ever sinceSo I would say sizing and quality probably varies from piece to piece like any other designer brand
there is a size large +j shawl on ebay if you are looking for a replacement
that MMM cardi sat on ebay for so long haha. wish it was an XL
please, tell me, where is the irony in my post?Did I generalize a group of people based on my annoyance of your offensive post?Or are you saying I am assuming you are a offensive person based on your post? Yes that is exactly it, what other source of information would I have/need for my perception of your character regarding this subject?
I specifically said generalizing, you are giving individual experiences. While I appreciate your experiences were an annoyance, how can you tell me to relax when he just called all mainlanders shit people. I can name shit things every race/group of of people have done in situations I've experienced. But do I go around saying the whole group of people are shit people all around?Yes, try to save your ass by passing it off as a joke.1. your tone did not indicate that was a...
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