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http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MARTIN-MAISON-MARGIELA-Mens-Blue-100-WOOL-Knitted-Cardigan-Made-in-ITALY-S-/172370361761?hash=item282212fda1:g:-LUAAOSw4shX-8H3navy shawl bubble knit cardy for cheeeaapa size 52 went for $600 a few months ago on grailed, kinda sad I missed out.but anyways.... the length measured 26" from bottom of collar on a 52, so it didn't seem that cropped. Maybe the yoox model is wearing a couple sizes too small
size US 8 carpe shoes and boots, $250 to $300, jelly why no size 12 https://*****************/listings/989300-Carpe-Diem-S21M-Destroyed-Horse-Backzip https://*****************/listings/989210-Carpe-Diem-S45M-Derby https://*****************/listings/989336-Carpe-Diem-S21M-Destroyed-Horse-Backzip small new carpe 500 https://*****************/listings/1010869-Carpe-Diem-S21m-backzips N(N) boots...
https://*****************/listings/968683-Visvim-Kautokeino-Leather not sure if real. I'm no expert
The red is a 52,The black is missing the size tag, but it fits bigger, it might be a 54?so you can maybe size up to a 52 as well
you should try it, they might fit you fineI am 6'2"+ and they cover my belt line with my jeans sagged slightly
i think all of the old MRS 5 zip tapes are brown, I have the old red 5 zip and an old grey one I dyed black, all the zipper tapes are brown Onitaps is that the one on grailed that sold for 550? I woulda copped but I already had a black one (albeit dyed haha), I can't believe the price dropped that low before someone picked it up And ye the leather on the old 5 zips are nice the red is richer and not as pinkish in real life, but you get the idea
Well shit, but I will be walking distance to school if I live in Lidcombe.safety or convenience, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The thing is, many people online say Lidcombe is actually relatively safe, or they have a strong negative reaction to it? I google mapped the place, it doesn't look like the richest area, but it doesn't look like the hood either.And I said sydney winter sounds brutal because even though Canada is cold, central heating keeps indoors of all buildings at a...
lol whats wrong with it? I've heard it's not the nicest area though no details, but I can't tell if you are just meme'ing me. It's really close to school for me and seems convenient with the new woolworths, aldi, kmart, costco around
Hey guys, I'm moving to Sydney for school for two years. Any general advice for living in Sydney, in the Lidcombe/Auburn area? I heard winter are pretty brutal because most homes do not have central heating? Also is it a terrible idea to move straight into a house listing one has found online right off the plane? B/c I'm gonna do that. Also any affordable places to buy suits locally? I imagine I may need a couple. Thanks
Great condition flight jacket. Very thick and very warm, also great quality soft wool, articulated armpits with vent holes for comfort Passing it on because it is slightly too small for me size tag is missing Measurements: 20.75" front shoulders
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