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Finished up the season pretty poorly last year. Got mono during the winter and never recovered enough to PR. Now I'm coaching for a high school club and personal training. Been erging a bit the last couple weeks to get ready for an alumni race this weekend. We're going to get rocked. Did a submax 5k and broke 19:00. Not something to be proud of, but definitely relieved I could. Wmmk, pretty solid results last spring, keep up the good work. A Williams boat is starting...
Damn! Getting fast, looks like you should be comfortably under 6:40. Congrats on that 15k.I haven't posted in a while either. Winter training had been going well, then first week of December I came down with mono. Missed about 5 weeks of real training, now working on getting it back. We also have a 2k this weekend.
I'm actually not, but will be in the 4x and 1x. Should be an interesting day! High of 45 and low of 30...
Also when it comes to rankings, there are a lot of rankings when it comes to 2ks, but a lot less for other distances.
I find it helps to mix up the workouts. You want to make sure that you're exercising at different intensities, not just going hard every day. A good rule of thumb is to alternate hard days and easy days, this helps make sure that you don't burn out. When you're trying to set a best time every session eventually your body is going to start to struggle. By mixing in different speeds, lengths and difficulties of workouts you'll recover better and improve more.
Congrats on the 6k Wmmk! Sounds like you spent the summer keeping your fitness up, good work. My team had it's first couple practices last week. Fortunately no erg test for a couple weeks, cause I am not in great shape right now.
Anyone have experience with the Corduroy Trucker Jacket? Thinking about pulling the trigger on it with the coupon.
Haha be careful what you joke about, My 7 day trial ends after tomorrow so I need to find a new place to erg for a few days.
Wow, that's pretty damn impressive. Good work!As for me, getting back into the erging. Been traveling a bit, so just trying to get some steady state in when I can. In Chicago now, but found a local gym that's doing a 7-day trial, so been erging there.
Pretty legit 8x500 there! Keep up the good work, you're making a lot of progress.Haven't been doing a lot of erging/rowing lately, mostly been focusing on cycling. Trying to break it up a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: