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This is a catch and release. I just got them in today and tried them on and they are too big since I normally wear a 31 and these are 32 chain stitched to a 31.5 inch inseam. I was under the impression that they might fit more like the ST-100X but these are more TTS. I can confirm that they appear to be brand new and unworn and have not been soaked. This is a great collab between Self Edge and 3sixteen that you can only get at Self Edge where they sell for $270. The...
pm sent.
Hmm...if you look at the side view, they don't look as tapered as the waders or SF, even though they say tapered leg. Don't know why they stopped selling waders, although I guess you can still pick them up at Urban Outfitters.
Thanks. Will do.
Hi, I know this was 8 months ago, but is this still available?
Would you be interested in trading the Levi's x Billy Reid Collab Selvedge 501 Denim - 31x34 for a BNWT size 30x34?
Quote: Originally Posted by pimpmystyle My normal size is 30L; how will these fit if they are supposed to fit at the ankles yet my normal size is 30? By 30L, you mean your inseam is 34"? The inseam on all khaki waders is 30", which i guess normally would be a 30S. If you need a 34" inseam you would have to get the SF Tapered Khaki on the dockers website. They're exactly the same as the waders but I guess they make taller people pay a...
Urban Outfitters website has dockers ankle chino a.k.a. khaki waders in gray (hazy jade) and brown (tobacco) on sale for $19.99. I have them in all the four colors that they come in and I think the earth color is probably the best. The hazy jade is a little too green and the carmel color is a little too mustard.
pm sent on Tim Hamilton jeans.
Nevermind, just checked and ship date is 10/14 now. I have a size L that I picked up from the Levi's Store but waiting to get the M from Filson to see if it fits a little better. What's weird is I don't think any of the Levi's Stores in NY even carried the M.
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