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Yes, I know. I'm asking if it's possible to special order them, in the case they have extra fabric, and/or are planning to re-order more.
Would it be possible to get the Nori cut in a size 28? Must have!
Damnit I missed the eggshell linen in XS, any chance of a restock? PS- I miss size 28 walts.
They're still alive, the website is just down for upgrades. They said it would be back up in the Fall. How's the fit on their clothes? Can you compare it to anything? Thanks!
Jokes away! [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, I would suggest sizing down with their shirts. I ordered a 15 in their Madison cut and it was pretty huge, had to return it because the collar was so big. I wear a small in pretty much every label I've tried, and it's a fairly long list.
Haha! I'm glad I wasn't the only one to catch that!
Check this site out, it has an answer for pretty much everything: luck!
Here's a pic of the utility pocket on the grey version of the chinos:
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