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It was 0.15% of grapes planted in BC last year, hardly important.
Ha, Gigondas for us too tonight... To start a nice and bracing sauvignon blanc from the Loire: Clos Roche Blanche '10 from Roussel & Barrouillet: and currently getting a long breather, '08 Domaine Pallieres les Racines:
Some recent pours... Thierry Puzelat's Le Tel Quel - very vibrant gamay Bachelet Cote de Nuits-Villages '08 - great as usual Lane Tanner pinot '06 - pretty nice, but a lot of funk to start with. More old-world than new - no twizzlers Dagueneau Blanc Fume de Pouilly '08 - I bought a few of these and had to try one, far too young but irresistibly good. Post-Didier but still admirably complex - rich, acidic, etc.
A Bandol evening to help usher in summer - multiple bottles of Tempier rose '10 followed by Terrebrune rouge '04... so good.
Nice looking comfort-food, Matt.
I've never seen it so runny - over-ripe or maybe he warmed it up? The centre looks fine.
Is this standard practice? I had some DuMol RRV pinot last year and found it a bit hot, it never would have occurred to me that they blended.As the go-to left-coast pinot-guy on this board what do you think of Lane Tanner? I picked up a bottle of her '06 pinot from Julia's vineyard on a whim and don't know what to expect.
As dinner is on the go we popped this open: 2008 Thierry Puzelat. This grape is called "Côt" in the Touraine which is Malbec - tastes nothing like the new world version and much more refined than it appears in Cahors. Reminiscent of a good cru beaujolais.
I endorse this post - two of my favorite producers. I find Huet really hits its stride, though, in the demi-secs which bring the acidity into balance.
Nicely done Mark - how did you find the Didier?
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