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My wife likes Rosabaya, I like the Fortissio lungo for lattes
There's so much variety - it's a pretty big geography...For me, for the whites, the traits I look for in the Loire are wines that are mineral and with noticeable but not overpowering acidity; the granite in the west and the limestone and marl as you head east. I don't know how I would describe what I like in the reds but I would say more freshness and floral (violets) notes than from other regions, nothing overly tannic. Grape varieties are quite diverse - melon de...
Yes some armagnac is from baco, but it's the blanc variety - the noir is another hybrid that's crossed with a very hardy grape that's indigenous to north armerica. It's mostly grown in Ontario as you said earlier. In BC the similar phenomenon are these crazy german hybrids (ehrenfelser, bacchus, kerner) that were planted and thankfully are now being ripped up in favour of the more noble varieties - there is lots of this bad wine still being produced here unfortunately.
It was 0.15% of grapes planted in BC last year, hardly important.
Ha, Gigondas for us too tonight... To start a nice and bracing sauvignon blanc from the Loire: Clos Roche Blanche '10 from Roussel & Barrouillet: and currently getting a long breather, '08 Domaine Pallieres les Racines:
Some recent pours... Thierry Puzelat's Le Tel Quel - very vibrant gamay Bachelet Cote de Nuits-Villages '08 - great as usual Lane Tanner pinot '06 - pretty nice, but a lot of funk to start with. More old-world than new - no twizzlers Dagueneau Blanc Fume de Pouilly '08 - I bought a few of these and had to try one, far too young but irresistibly good. Post-Didier but still admirably complex - rich, acidic, etc.
A Bandol evening to help usher in summer - multiple bottles of Tempier rose '10 followed by Terrebrune rouge '04... so good.
Nice looking comfort-food, Matt.
I've never seen it so runny - over-ripe or maybe he warmed it up? The centre looks fine.
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