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A propos the Nebbiolo conversation above, that Produttori Langhe @ ~$20 is a nice example of how accessible a young Nebbiolo can be in the right hands. I've had it a few times and it needs a rough pour and swirl to get it to open up but I think it is a nice pizza or grilled meat wine.
Red or rose Sancerre is always 100% pinot and they're generally not easy to find as the quantities are small. I've had pretty good ones from Vacheron and from Mellot. There's another Reverdy (not Hippolyte that makes a great white) which is supposed to be very good for red but I've never had it (Pascal and Nicolas Reverdy).
Enjoying this right now - much more rounded and complex than most Loire reds - this is very good indeed!
Not the best Bourgueil? I would agree, but I don't think that it aspires to greatness - it's a nice light red and drunk a bit cool in the summer with something off the grill and shared with friends it is delicious.
Enjoyable cabernet franc from Bourgueil the other day - '09 "Trinch!" from C&P Breton. Uncomplicated, vivid aroma and taste that evoked raspberries. A bit green but otherwise a pleasure...
Sounds perfect for this weather. I've enjoyed a Loire valley pinot d'aunis from Clos Roche Blanche which has many of the characteristics you describe. Last night, late into the warm evening we enjoyed our favorite rose from Tempier.
I've never tipped at a tasting.
I've heard it was closer to 90% but that number is dropping because of higher local consumption. Certainly where I am in BC there are tons available live, fresh and flash frozen. I haven't noticed a drop in quality but prices have certainly risen.
This cuvee had minimal oak but I understand some of their Cortons get a high proportion of new barrels. I was impressed with this bottle and while 'great values' and Burgundy seldom go together, I think this one definitely punched above it's weight.
Still going strong on my Loire kick... Baumard Savennieres splits from '02 Some Charles Joguet Chinon Varennes... and Cure Case of Domaine de la Pepiere Clos des Briords Muscadet '10 - this is a great summertime white and a bit of Burgundy - Tollot Beaut Savigny-les-Beaune - this shows so well well young, minimal oak from this producer, fruity and fresh pinot noir
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