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Hopefully it will pan out, Piob, as '98 in Chateauneuf was stellar. We opened a Ch de Beaucastel '98 on Saturday and it was sublime.Dinner on Saturday stretched out over seven hours with some wine loving friends. We had a few interesting bottles...Started off with an Albert Mann Gewurztraminer which was all spice and lycheeFollowed by an '05 riesling grand cru from Ostertag - medium dry with beautiful florals and a hint of petrolReds began with an '04 Cote Rotie from Jamet...
Fume Blanc and for Piob .. Baco Noir
I've just cellared a half case each of Le Mont demi-sec and Haut-Lieu sec from the 2011 vintage - I haven't read any reviews of the vintage but was certainly aware that it was Pinguet's last. Clos du Bourg and Le Mont are Huet's better vineyards but Haut-Lieu does offer an attractive lower price point. I love these wines for their bracing acidity and revel in how a single grape variety can be used to make so many deliciously different styles of wine. I find the Champalou...
The portions are monstrous but the beef goulash there was really good.
Well I can't believe I have to explain a $35 bottle of wine to you lot of high-rollers... Well there's geography - the land is within spitting distance of the Med and a short commute from Marseille - and it also doesn't help that Parker called it the best rose in the world so there is your price explanation. For me, not only is it delicious but it is the most delicious rose I know and brings back a lot of nice memories for me and my wife. I buy this by the case but I also...
Last night's detritus - Tempier Bandol Rose and Langhe Nebiollo from the NYT $20 wines... Tonight being chilled... the powers of persuasion (thanks Piob and Matt...)
As they say in Ontariario, that's a good eatin' fish.We arrive in Muskoka on Thursday and I'm really looking forward to some pickerel.
Enjoyed this last night - '06 Fevre Montee de Tonnerre. Austere but starting to mellow; mineral and lemony with a touch of oak but certainly not in excess.
I've yet to be disappointed by Produttori. Speaking of lower end bottlings from good producers - this Barbera from Giacomo Conterno is excellent - not quite a $20 bargain (and expensive for a Barbera) but so well made and drinkable for something so young...
A propos the Nebbiolo conversation above, that Produttori Langhe @ ~$20 is a nice example of how accessible a young Nebbiolo can be in the right hands. I've had it a few times and it needs a rough pour and swirl to get it to open up but I think it is a nice pizza or grilled meat wine.
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