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Sipping this while waiting for dinner to be done... '11 Huet demi-sec from Le Mont. So nicely balanced between acidity and sweetness. It will accompany Robuchon's guinea fowl with roast potatoes brilliantly.
I agree it can be a minefield in some regions but disagree strongly with your view that value wines are not to be found. Pretty much anything from Kermit, Louis/Dressner or Neal Rosenthal is going to be good and the majority of their portfolios are reasonably priced.
OK +1, but see if you can get a relative to send you a bottle of his single vineyard stuff. It does not suck balls.
I don't know much about Ontario reds (I'm in BC) but I've had some Norman Hardie pinots that were very nice from Prince Edward County.
We've enjoyed two bottles from the case I bought and it's drinking just fine. I read some of the CT notes a while ago and some reported that it was closed and needed a few years. That's not been my experience. It's definitely a restrained wine but that's what I like about it. Credit to Slew and Gome for first talking about this producer here...
Give the 2008 Cotes de Nuits-Village a try - it's probably the least expensive one out there. I can get it for $40 but they're asking $55 for the '09 where I shop. There is a regular Bachelet Bourgogne which is ok but I'd go for the CdN-V...
Just took a sip of this while it's breathing for tonight: 2004 d'Angerville Volnay Clos des Ducs. Very supple and fragrant.
I don't know if any of you have tried the burgs from Dominque Laurent - he's a negoce with a very heavy hand when it comes to oak that tends to obliterate what I find so charming about burgundy wines, their elegance. I bought a few bottles from different vintages and appelations before I knew any better and this was the last one in my cellar. Maybe it was the vintage, maybe the vinification just that I won't buy this dude's wine anymore as it's been clunker after...
Hopefully it will pan out, Piob, as '98 in Chateauneuf was stellar. We opened a Ch de Beaucastel '98 on Saturday and it was sublime.Dinner on Saturday stretched out over seven hours with some wine loving friends. We had a few interesting bottles...Started off with an Albert Mann Gewurztraminer which was all spice and lycheeFollowed by an '05 riesling grand cru from Ostertag - medium dry with beautiful florals and a hint of petrolReds began with an '04 Cote Rotie from Jamet...
Fume Blanc and for Piob .. Baco Noir
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