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Good discussion of cru beaujolais - one of my favorites too. I've been making my way through this book that Slewfoot recommended at some point on Italian wines: http://www.amazon.com/Vino-Italiano-Regional-Wines-Italy/dp/1400097746/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1358307921&sr=1-1&keywords=vino+italiano and in the process of reading up on Sicily came to try and really enjoy these two bottles from COS They remind me very much of the kind of cru beaujolais I enjoy -...
Good idea!Not my picture, but we enjoyed a fair amount of this over the holidays. I'd say it was finely balanced, well suited to food and judging by the quantities our guests consumed, eminently delicious: 2009 Leflaive Macon-Verze... about $30
Old Morris in Victoria has them and they ship. They've been in business for 120 years...
Audio - the LCBO should have some '09 Nuits from Daniel Rion in your price range. Good negoce/producer.
Nice and linear with good grip - '09 I think will go the distance but it is drinking very well now.I've had great luck with Fontsainte Corbieres from Kermit Lynch. More than $10 but not much more and utterly reliable.lol - find a friend and split a case. This is the page (http://www.rooftopcellars.com/petits-chateaux.php) you want to keep bookmarked and get on their mailing list as things sell out fast. Some great deals on incoming 93/94/95/96 bdx at $30/bottle and...
Burg night here too, I think. I have an '09 Pavelot Savigny-les-Beaunes 1er cru La Dominode which I've been itching to try.
I bring a fair bit back but have never been assessed duty on wines I've brought back myself. I've always been up front that I was importing and have simply been waived through although I do this after trips longer than 48 hrs. I never bring more than a case back. I don't know which province you're in, but if you're from BC and like older yet inexpensive Bordeaux there is a great little import company that brings in such a thing: Rooftop Cellars - they import petit...
Sipping this while waiting for dinner to be done... '11 Huet demi-sec from Le Mont. So nicely balanced between acidity and sweetness. It will accompany Robuchon's guinea fowl with roast potatoes brilliantly.
I agree it can be a minefield in some regions but disagree strongly with your view that value wines are not to be found. Pretty much anything from Kermit, Louis/Dressner or Neal Rosenthal is going to be good and the majority of their portfolios are reasonably priced.
OK +1, but see if you can get a relative to send you a bottle of his single vineyard stuff. It does not suck balls.
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