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Those look awful - I've had good luck with their porcinis.
Mikuni wild harvest just started getting morels and porcinis in. Superb quality and overnight shipping.
I drank my last one of these a while ago - really enjoyable, great vintage for Terrebrune.
It's a fun little shop and I go every time I'm in Seattle. Also worth checking out is Vino Verit├ę ( in Capitol Hill. Very nice owner with a good selection including a number from Kermit Lynch.
Probably not easy to find outside of British Columbia, but here is a good example of what this emerging region can offer: a cool weather white with nice acidity for around $20.
Wow - that is a lot of Donnhoff love!
Probably one of my favorite producers now - I don't know about the 'S' bottling but I really like the weissburgunder and grauburgunders from Donnhoff - we had these two recently over dinner and didn't find them oaky in the least - maybe the age allowed them to integrate? Nevertheless, really enjoyable whites and very food friendly:
I'm really enjoying Juliet apples.
The single vineyard and grand crus are definitely not everyday drinkers and I think they need to be drunk with food. On their own they can be somewhat cloying and viscous even with the sweetness held in check. This past weekend I opened an '05 Brand Riesling to serve apres-ski with coq au riesling - it was magical.All bumping 14.5 to 15 now, I believe.
This one packs a punch, but is not hot at all. Zind Humbrecht Gew├╝rztraminer grand cru clocking in at 16.5%. No chaptalization, no over-extraction. Sweetness and the spicyness of gewurz balances teh alcohol... I have a bunch of CdP from good producers that regularly exceed 15% (Telegraphe, Clos des Papes, Beaucastel) to say nothing of Bandols from Gros Nore which are usually around there too for alcohol level. Nothing wrong with a big-alcohol wine, so long as that's not...
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