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Probably one of my favorite producers now - I don't know about the 'S' bottling but I really like the weissburgunder and grauburgunders from Donnhoff - we had these two recently over dinner and didn't find them oaky in the least - maybe the age allowed them to integrate? Nevertheless, really enjoyable whites and very food friendly:
I'm really enjoying Juliet apples.
The single vineyard and grand crus are definitely not everyday drinkers and I think they need to be drunk with food. On their own they can be somewhat cloying and viscous even with the sweetness held in check. This past weekend I opened an '05 Brand Riesling to serve apres-ski with coq au riesling - it was magical.All bumping 14.5 to 15 now, I believe.
This one packs a punch, but is not hot at all. Zind Humbrecht Gew├╝rztraminer grand cru clocking in at 16.5%. No chaptalization, no over-extraction. Sweetness and the spicyness of gewurz balances teh alcohol... I have a bunch of CdP from good producers that regularly exceed 15% (Telegraphe, Clos des Papes, Beaucastel) to say nothing of Bandols from Gros Nore which are usually around there too for alcohol level. Nothing wrong with a big-alcohol wine, so long as that's not...
Lol, although fraisage brings to mind creative uses of strawberries...Yeah, my wife makes them as our kids like them. i guess I do too, but they seem to eat them before I get a chance to sample.
I gave my kale a good dose of frottage last night and rather than blanch and saute as we usually do, we had as a salad. Great tip via foodguy - it was terrific.
From the Delicious Wines threak ...
Thanks - I've never tried one before. I see '06 Montus is available locally so I may give it a try. Sounds like an early decant is in order to get it to open up.
Nice to see Kyle poasting again.Any names to look for in Madiran? How oaky?
Yes, Christophe Pacalet is Lapierre's nephew - I wrote Brouilly but it his Fleurie that I meant - really great. Also fantastic value is his beaujolais-villages but then, everything is pretty reasonably priced: http://www.christophepacalet.com/vins.php
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