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I'd echo the suggestion for Shiro's as well as Cafe Campagne. Tom Douglas' places are good too - Etta's is right at Pike Place. Canon is extraordinary for bourbon, cocktails and the small plates are pretty nice too. We ate well at Sitka & Spruce as well as at Walrus & the Carpenter. Both do seafood with great respect. WIld Ginger is a good restaurant if you like Asian food, but the best part of that place is the wine list - ask for the big book which has an incredible...
I was there a couple of weeks ago and ate very well at: Joe Beef; Au Pied de Cochon; Europea; Club Chasse et Peche; Garde Manger; and, Liverpool House. Joe Beef was the most fun, had the best food and best wine list in my opinion. Au Pied de Cochon pretty much requires coronary bypass surgery following the meal - if you go you probably want to skip lunch that day.
The WSET courses look pretty good on paper and at least where I live, the people doing the teaching are well regarded and/or hold an MW. The French Wine Scholar program also looks interesting but I think you'd want to make sure that the focus is on tasting and not just the geography/geology/history components. I thought the MS was mostly geared for industry people.
Hmm ... $20 CAN is hard to do for something quality only because provincial markups can be over 100%. You're in BC right? These two are earthy and good:2009 Cotes du Rhone cuvee Kermit Lynch is $22.97 when bought by the case - any store can bring it in for you... the SKU is 840967Rooftop cellars has 1998 Ch. Vieux Cassan for $21.00 when bought by the case ... the SKU is 57638
Those look awful - I've had good luck with their porcinis.
Mikuni wild harvest just started getting morels and porcinis in. Superb quality and overnight shipping. http://mikuniwildharvest.com/
I drank my last one of these a while ago - really enjoyable, great vintage for Terrebrune.
It's a fun little shop and I go every time I'm in Seattle. Also worth checking out is Vino Verité (http://vinoverite.com/main.html) in Capitol Hill. Very nice owner with a good selection including a number from Kermit Lynch.
Probably not easy to find outside of British Columbia, but here is a good example of what this emerging region can offer: a cool weather white with nice acidity for around $20.
Wow - that is a lot of Donnhoff love!
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