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^ They're all good, but you could sit on the 07s for a while and drink the 08s earlier... I'd go with Racines, been less than impressed with Terrasse du Diable which seems more one-dimensional.
This is our current favorite.
This was the other night. A very nice muscadet from Jo Landron / Domaine de la Louvetrie selection Hermione d'Or. Great value for ~$15 with all the acidity and minerality you'd expect from a good muscadet. We roasted a whole arctic char and the wine was a fine match.
That was it exactly and it was wonderful. We tried for a united nations of milk - sheep's for the blue, goat's for Humboldt and alpine cow for the gruyere. I was amazed by the nuttiness of the gruyere and how with age, the crystalline texture develops and flavour grows.
No photos but we had Humbolt Fog for the first time and really enjoyed it. Also a crumbly bleu from the Basque region and an aged unpasteurized gruyere which was incredible.
From Puzelat... Gamay/Grolleau/Pineau D'Aunis.edit - I love the label...
Try the Puzelat if you get the chance, you won't be disappointed. It is a blend that includes Pineau d'Aunis, gamay and some other stuff. Very pure taste, no oakyness, not tannic, just good easy drinking with a meal. The price on your list is good too, I think I get it retail at $24 up here.
Pissaladiere - the best pizza in the world!
I'd say acid rather than oak that balances the alcohol.Piob, if you ever get the chance, try the SB from Le Vieux Pin - very similar to ME, perhaps not as well balanced, but definitely on the right track for a young BC winery. I think I poasted a pic a while ago... if I had one criticism it would be the alcohol being too high.
Well, it certainly helps to have a long-suffering wife who either shares or tolerates your interests - I suspect I'm preaching to the choir, though. My kids would crack-up when we opened the Merry Edwards SB - to them it's the bare bum wine...I'm reading the excellent "Wines of the Northern Rhone" by John Livingstone-Learmonth. Check it out if you have an interest in those wines - really nice analyses of the wines and makers.
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