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If you like Huet vouvrays you may want to stock up as changes are afoot... http://www.larvf.com/,vin-noel-pinguet-domaine-huet-vouvray-loire-touraine-biodynamisme-hwang,10341,4026010.asp On a related note, stiff breeze meets a Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir:
Damn! Let us know what it was like. Beychevelle used to be such a great wine. Fonsainte Corbieres Rouge tonight. Just got notice that their Gris de Gris for 2011 was being released so I may be in for a dozen.
Old-fashioned presentation, French of course, called "Truite en colere". Angry trout bites his own tail...
Agreed - I have a small stash and we always really enjoy them. I'm tempted to buy some magnums of '05 but the importer only sells them in cases of 6 and according to my wife I have too much wine
^ They're all good, but you could sit on the 07s for a while and drink the 08s earlier... I'd go with Racines, been less than impressed with Terrasse du Diable which seems more one-dimensional.
This is our current favorite.
This was the other night. A very nice muscadet from Jo Landron / Domaine de la Louvetrie selection Hermione d'Or. Great value for ~$15 with all the acidity and minerality you'd expect from a good muscadet. We roasted a whole arctic char and the wine was a fine match.
That was it exactly and it was wonderful. We tried for a united nations of milk - sheep's for the blue, goat's for Humboldt and alpine cow for the gruyere. I was amazed by the nuttiness of the gruyere and how with age, the crystalline texture develops and flavour grows.
No photos but we had Humbolt Fog for the first time and really enjoyed it. Also a crumbly bleu from the Basque region and an aged unpasteurized gruyere which was incredible.
From Puzelat... Gamay/Grolleau/Pineau D'Aunis.edit - I love the label...
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