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His CdN has become a go-to for us thanks, I think, to an earlier recommendation from someone in this thread.I also really enjoy his Aligote which I think compares well to de Villaine's. We had an '09 a couple of nights ago - it is refreshing and mineral...
Very enjoyable Gruner tonight - Stadt Krems Kremstal Reserve Wachtberg. Not, I'd say, up to the same standard as Pichler or Prager but a good example of how well balanced and stony a nice gruner veltliner can be. Very strange closure on the bottle: a little glass cap with a rubber washer...
Apparently he wasn't interested in making as much dry wine as the family would like and he didn't like the Hwang's focus on large commercial orders. Can't say I disagree with Pinguet, his demi-sec is one of my favorite whites.
If you like Huet vouvrays you may want to stock up as changes are afoot... http://www.larvf.com/,vin-noel-pinguet-domaine-huet-vouvray-loire-touraine-biodynamisme-hwang,10341,4026010.asp On a related note, stiff breeze meets a Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir:
Damn! Let us know what it was like. Beychevelle used to be such a great wine. Fonsainte Corbieres Rouge tonight. Just got notice that their Gris de Gris for 2011 was being released so I may be in for a dozen.
Old-fashioned presentation, French of course, called "Truite en colere". Angry trout bites his own tail...
Agreed - I have a small stash and we always really enjoy them. I'm tempted to buy some magnums of '05 but the importer only sells them in cases of 6 and according to my wife I have too much wine
^ They're all good, but you could sit on the 07s for a while and drink the 08s earlier... I'd go with Racines, been less than impressed with Terrasse du Diable which seems more one-dimensional.
This is our current favorite.
This was the other night. A very nice muscadet from Jo Landron / Domaine de la Louvetrie selection Hermione d'Or. Great value for ~$15 with all the acidity and minerality you'd expect from a good muscadet. We roasted a whole arctic char and the wine was a fine match.
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