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Have you come across this book from Jean-Baptise Thiveaud?:Beautiful presentation and an astounding variety of ways to work with every bit of a duck.
That Chevillon was as Slewfoot describes - much more rustic than a 1er cru but still nicely balanced. I had a bit left over that I tried yesterday after being open for four days and it was unbelievably soft. Still had an amazing perfume. Unfortunately I paid more than $23...
Very nice 2006 Nuits from Chevillon. Beautifully balanced, pretty good value.
It's in this one - great step by step instructions with photos.
I was at Tempier, Terrebrune and Gros 'Nore last year. Tempier and Gros 'Nore are close to each other. Terrebrune is a short drive away. Tempier was the nicest and best set up for visitors although we were very warmly welcomed at the other two as well.I love young Bandol reds - they're exuberant and abound in fruit.
We had this tonight - very enjoyable.
That Occhipinti is glorious - like a luscious Morgon. I'd agree on the smoky note. Her SP68 is nice too and without the smoky note although not as complex as the straight Frappato. Piob - that Argiolas is a great bargain - I hope the Mrs likes it. Mine does.
Sicily is a good comparator for the reds - they call Grenache 'Cannonau' which is the dominant red. Give a producer like Argiolas a try - reasonably priced, carefully made, indicative of the local style which tends to be a bit voluptuous and forward which you'd expect given the heat.
08 is my go-to year for Bachelet.
I got some D'Angerville Clos des Ducs 2004 last year on deep discount - the ones I've tried have been wonderful despite the fact that the vintage is supposed to suck balls. The top producer advice is key, I guess.To Gome, I had an '05 Chambolle Chames from Dominique Laurent earlier this year and it was a bitch - tough as nails and mouth-puckeringly tannic. I've not bothered to buy any 05's - perhaps I'll be kicking myself in a decade but so be it.
New Posts  All Forums: