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I've been so impressed with everything I've tried from Vietti
Louisiana Back-Bay Bayou Bunny Bordelaise à la Antoine
The three you've got are my favs. Other good producers which I like are: Pradeaux, Ott, and Pibarnon. Ott is a bit over-rated IMO. I've tried, but not been thrilled with Tour du Bon and Bastide Blanche.
Based on some earlier posts we drank a lot of this Tavel over the summer. Definitely not amped up, wonderfully dry and refreshing:I highly approve of this post . I'm actually not a fan of white Bandol although I've only tried Tempier's - I found it a bit flabby with an unpleasant oxidative quality. If you can find the '04 Terrebrune rouge do yourself a favour and get some - really wonderful vintage.QFT although with the wrong producer in burgundy you can most certainly not...
Have you come across this book from Jean-Baptise Thiveaud?:Beautiful presentation and an astounding variety of ways to work with every bit of a duck.
That Chevillon was as Slewfoot describes - much more rustic than a 1er cru but still nicely balanced. I had a bit left over that I tried yesterday after being open for four days and it was unbelievably soft. Still had an amazing perfume. Unfortunately I paid more than $23...
Very nice 2006 Nuits from Chevillon. Beautifully balanced, pretty good value.
It's in this one - great step by step instructions with photos.
I was at Tempier, Terrebrune and Gros 'Nore last year. Tempier and Gros 'Nore are close to each other. Terrebrune is a short drive away. Tempier was the nicest and best set up for visitors although we were very warmly welcomed at the other two as well.I love young Bandol reds - they're exuberant and abound in fruit.
We had this tonight - very enjoyable.
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