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Good for you, Audio! Road 13 makes some lovely wines, most interesting if you can find it is their sparking Chenin which is a nice homage to Vouvray.BC Syrah holds some real promise, I think, and I have been impressed with Nichol Vineyard's version which is peppery and a bit austere - more northern Rhone in style than Australian.
Good producer and winemaker (same as Vieux Telegraphe). I found the white flabby and the red pretty damn good. I would grab as much of the red as I could - solid CdP.
Love these wines, though I care little for the 'natural' label. If you like the above, seek out Clos du Tue-Boeuf, Puzelat-Bonhomme, Noella Morantin in the Loire; Philippe Pacalet in Burgundy, Binner in Alsace; Nikolaihof in Austria; Occhipinti and COS in Sicily; Paolo Bea in Umbria.EDIT - I endorse pscolari's post
Levi Dalton has a nice podcast interview with Tim Mondavi - you can get it here:
I definitely get that Lapierre is pushing up in price as is Foillard's Cote du Py. All I'm saying is that I don't drink these when I'd rather be drinking burgundy. In fact, enjoying the Lapierre and Foillard's so much is what pushed me to explore some of the other producers: Brun, Pacalet and Descombes all have lower priced crus that might surprise you. Lapierre's Raisin Gaulois is so cheap they basically give it away.Chave's CdR is super but again I'm not subbing that in...
I don't think the burgundy to beaujolais comparison is fair or warranted (and I love both but don't use them interchangeably). My fist Lapierre was a revelation (and I wouldn't have tried it had it not been for iam/heismatt's rec a number of years ago). For the type of meals we mostly eat, it is the red which seems to be the most harmonious. Light, flavorful, complex and above all food-friendly. That fist Lapierre got me to try Foillard and Metras, then Descombes and...
Truite en colère?
I bought a fair bit of '07 Chateauneuf - the Vieux Telegraphes are great and will live for very long (close in style to La Nerthe fwiw). I'm finding Beaucastel a bit overblown at the moment and prefer their earlier, funkier, vintages.
Huet and Prum are awesome. Had a nice, fresh Cotat Les Monts Damnés tonight:
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