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OK. I agree with the armhole. I think shoulders are not bad. Maybe they will shrink after the wash. I will post a post-wash pic later.
Moved from another thread: Here is my first trial shirt from modern tailor, just received it today. The turn around time is fast - 11 days in total. I chose the 20 dollars introduction shirt plus some coupon, so the total cost is 11 dollars (with MOP buttons). Overall, I am satisfied with the result. Need to see how it shrink coz this one is a little bit tight right now I consider the following improvement areas: 1. Length is too short. Need longer for easy tuck...
I dont see the point to buy jackets online without trying, but which store usually carry 36S or even 34 blazer? I am looking for something less expensive than 500 dollars.
Shoulder is only 16 and half? That sounds very narrow.
Does anyone own a Thom Browne pant? I found them awlful short. Do you let it out a little bit to make the length normal?
I don't think $500 shoe is that bad. I am a distance runner who change the shoe every 400 miles (that is about a little more than 3 months) and those running show cost about 80 to 100 dollars each. So I vote for tie, I just cannot tell the difference between a 150 dollars tie from a 15 dollars tie worn correctly on a well-dressed person. Perhaps you need get really INTIMATELY close to see the quality difference
I can chime in here as I am 5'6, near 140 with a waist between 28 and 29. For shirting, 15/38 fit me great, but my sleeves length is 31. In no where can I find without tailoring. But changing the sleeves length is an easy task. You just need focus on getting the slim fit shirt. The real problem is suit or jacket. Tailoring the total length is less likely to be successful and 36S can only be found online and without trying it is hard to know the fit. Try to shop in Asia...
I am also looking for one for a while. Does anyone own the one (Irish Linen) from J Crew? They carry 36s, which is the one that need the least tailor if I buy. Any comment?
FYI: I once ordered BR blazer when they had 40% off sale but I had to return it. Normally I wear 36S, but that 38S that I ordered is too tight for the chest while still a little bit longer than I want.
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