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What does B and C means for Peal & Co. shoe made for Brooks Brother?
My eyes keep looking at the trash bin behind. Maybe that's just me.
Very nice BBBF suit. I wish it were my size. Free bump!
Quote: Originally Posted by CYstyle all fitz are gonna be center vent. the fitz has the same problem of bf, narrow shoulders but still too big in the waist. I was told by the sale person that fitz are cut more than BF although he acknowledged he had not seen a BF suit yet in his store.
In search for my first suit in the last 10 years, I am debating between fitz and bf. I need 36S, and a shorter jacket like BF may be better than Fitz. When I tried a Fitz 36S in BB store, it fits well except some bump under collar and the jacket is still a tad long. (less than half inch maybe) But I am also slim (29 waist). Is it true that BBBF is really boxy? At least that's what I see on their website. I understand the models are wearing size 0 so they look...
BOC would be ideally around 28 in (From the bottom of the collar). Chest is greater than 38. My arm length is too short to be disclosed. I prefer slimmer suit with higher armhole as my waist size is 29. Staple color would be great.
Who is the maker of this jacket? Anyone knows? Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01
I was chatting with an online assistant for a blazer and was told that the 36S sized one has the armhole with a circumference 20.75 inches. Does that sound very big? And does it translate into low armhole? If everything else is ok, can I buy it and ask for a tailor to make the alteration to reduce the armhole? Thanks.
I will tuck the shirt in, I don't think suppression is a big issue although I do want to make the waist looser next time. Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Too much waist suppression... I've ordered a shirt like that myself and it's still in the mail. I think I've made the same mistake with the waist.
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