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Great jacket. I have one (only wear it once) in medium and it proves that I need a small. IF anyone is interested in medium size, please let me know.
usually they have number 1, 2,3 on the label, which indicates the fit.
Are they slim or regular?
Price drop. Thanks for reading.
I have bought these two items from other members but unlike the rest that I have bought before, they don't fit well. 1. NWT PRL Yellow Cashmere V-Neck Sweater Size xs I just got this one and when I tried it on, it turned out to be too small. Super soft and still with the tag. The yellow is slightly brighter under better light. A close-up Tag part Complete view Measurement: Shoulder: 14.5 Pit: 18 Total Length: 24 Sleeve: 24.25 Asking price: $100 including CONUS...
PM sent!
mic shipped the item lighting fast! I cannot believe it arrives on Monday while I bought it on Saturday! I guess he bribed post office to do additional work!
If you have a better pic of Alexander Scott Harris Tweed, I will be interested.
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