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usually they have number 1, 2,3 on the label, which indicates the fit.
Are they slim or regular?
Price drop. Thanks for reading.
I have bought these two items from other members but unlike the rest that I have bought before, they don't fit well. 1. NWT PRL Yellow Cashmere V-Neck Sweater Size xs I just got this one and when I tried it on, it turned out to be too small. Super soft and still with the tag. The yellow is slightly brighter under better light. A close-up Tag part Complete view Measurement: Shoulder: 14.5 Pit: 18 Total Length: 24 Sleeve: 24.25 Asking price: $100 including CONUS...
PM sent!
mic shipped the item lighting fast! I cannot believe it arrives on Monday while I bought it on Saturday! I guess he bribed post office to do additional work!
If you have a better pic of Alexander Scott Harris Tweed, I will be interested.
Love that kilton. Unfortunately the sleeve length won't work for me. Free bump
Just notice today that the hanger that I am using are wider than my suit's shoulder, will that be a problem?
To find whether there is a good or bad feedback among that gigantic thread is not easy. You have read the posts first as good can be mixed with bad. What if some buyer/seller say something good while other say something bad? In eBay, you usually directly check only the negative feedback to see what are the common issues with a seller or buyer. So I would suggest that there are two threads instead: Feedback for satisfying transactions Feedback for unsatisfying...
New Posts  All Forums: