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It's prettyit's pretty good for the most part. Tons of people like their oxfords and print shirts...
MFW nahneun is a girl.
I bought APC PS at Machus. They were like 130 with a holiday coupon, but you could try that.
I got a 2013 as well.
Sounds sick man, post pictures when you get it. I ordered 3 days after you so hopefully mine will be shipped out next week.
I have a LV bifold as well, in the traditional pattern. I'd go bifold, as it's best for putting in the back pocket.
Who suggested sandpaper lol... jeez.
Get rid of the t or wear a vneck, and unbutton the second button on that shirt... You just look really stiff in your pictures.
Yessir, they're both labeled 27 and the older pair stretched to a 29''. No hem or cuff, just stack.
I think everything wj4 is wearing looks too new. After a bit of wear it'll look great.
New Posts  All Forums: