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You're probably right.
I'd say stick with the 29. My new pair of APCs seems to have the same sizing as the pair I bought 2~ years ago. edit: might've been old stock.
It looks great. The fact that it's brown makes the extra length (if you could even call it that) not really matter.
Post a picture and we'll let you know whether or not your disappointment is warranted.
Need to go buy a mirror. [[SPOILER]]
Isn't it free booze anytime it's international...?
I'm on my fifth month. I LAUGH AT YOUR 2 MONTH WAIT.
Hey, where'd you see that white/black flyknits are due at the end of the month? Are they the white front, black back colorway?
Looks pretty slim as is...
It's prettyit's pretty good for the most part. Tons of people like their oxfords and print shirts...
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