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Seems demands on the DR is high or something. Been more than a month . 26/11/10 and counting.
Quote: Originally Posted by tit_tyrant Are there any boots similar to the Common Project's officer boots? I'm looking for a casual black boot to be worn with tapered jeans so it has to be slim enough for the hem to fit over the laces and preferably not a workboot that will make my feet look gigantic in comparison to the tapered pants. Banana republic had a pair that were reminiscent of the cp boots. its not black though. Butteros i think has...
is 1/2 inch too big, too big for boots?
CP officer boots, sadly they're too big for me. If you want them is SZ.40. BAM
[[SPOILER]] What shoes are those synth?
I agree with ^ The buttons do seem a bit high for a 2 piece suit and it looks kinda weird.
what is BS? bullshit?
Quote: Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu Agreed, wholeheartedly is this for real? holy shit.
I dislike flannels. too many students wear it, especially the very bright collored shit. but i never liked flannels in the first place anyways.
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