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i too recieved a prive account. send me your email and ill invite ya. p.s thx lmaozedong
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^size up yeah i thought so as well, but the waist fits me fine heh. just the leg is a bit slim ^^
Quote: Originally Posted by Yika Yes or No ? For jeans and etc. ..... There is a black one too. im iffy on em, i dislike biggish soles.
first pair of apc nc. comments? no wash or soak or w/e
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y Hot soak would probably be the best to get the most shrinkage out (from what I've read, I don't actually own any stfs). If you want a slimmer fit, I've heard of people going tts or even sizing down on the waist. I think levis recommends getting the inseam 2-3 inches longer. So you could go with something like 30X34, 29X34, or 28X34. if you wanna do crazy shiz. put the jeans on, sit in a tub of hot...
imo, evilsushi should pull his head back on the first picture, seems you're leaning forward a bit to look into the camera. but perhaps its just the angle or some shiz. looks good otherwise though.
I agree with tylerdurden. I don't think that it is necessary for the pupils to be in the middle of the lens for glasses. Especially since yours are only for reading. Perhaps if you can get a slightly smaller pair, those glasses seem to be a bit big for your face. but what do i know, i hardly wear my glasses.
apc nc yes/no?
The least you could do is say your size.
perhaps some wear on those will straighten em out. he can't go slimmer or else he'll look like an egg on sausages.
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