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apc nc yes/no?
The least you could do is say your size.
perhaps some wear on those will straighten em out. he can't go slimmer or else he'll look like an egg on sausages.
k time to look like a freakkkzz!!!
my balls have ascended into my ribcage because of my new apc nc. how to loosen my jeans? [balls willd descend on their own]
[[SPOILER]] That's cool.
Meh at least he keeps trying heh. Perhaps starting at a more.. normal style, and then working your way up to goth ninja style would be easier.
MMM side zip Does anyone know if a size 40 = US size 7? or is it closer to 8? I wear size 39~ in CPs if that helps.
MMM side zip ankle bootz, sz 40 = 7? or 8. Yoox says its a size 7 but i have my doubts.
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