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Whatever you do, it can't be as bad as what I did. I bought a motorcycle and then moved away for university (where I can't ride it).
IIRC, prices don't go up when new models are released. Everything goes up at once, usually by like 40-50 bucks.
I've had the same experience. No blisters with longer socks, or with no socks, but blisters with ankle socks.
Ehh, depends. Often times you can sell the jackets for about 100 less than you paid...
Hah nice. Looking forward to pictures! Still waiting for my DR, ordered on Jan. 1.
For someone who primarily wears button downs, get the cwu-45 or a-2.
Lol, iirc it's a thrift shop jacket.
For Sale: 3 BNWOT Uniqlo OCBD in sz. XS. Colors white, blue, and dark grey. 20 dollars each or 55 dollars for all three.
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