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That's diamond...
The 2013DR is lamb, it fits wonderfully, and I'll get better pictures up later.
Meh, the picture isn't really that great, and makes the jacket look shorter/smaller than it is. I'm pretty skinny, and am planning to wear the jacket with just a t shirt most of the time, so the slim fit is perfect for me. The sleeve/body length is spot on. Maybe some (slightly) better pictures will help.
In case anyone is curious... This is the 2013 dr. I'll post a full review and with awesome pictures later. So don't put the in the gallery willy!
You're honestly kind of an asshole on the forum, so it shouldn't really be a surprise that some people rip on you when you post fits. That being said, the jacket fits pretty well, but you need to get some better t's.And your pose doesn't help.
Depends on the model. The mdr seems to be like 3 months, rarer models are closer to 6+ months.
I think the BCDR lends itself well to quilting, especially in black lamb. Just IMO.
This is crazy, orders from March/April are going out when some Jan orders haven't been finished yet?
Don't put stuff in your pockets and whatnot. That's pretty much the only option. Honestly, raw denim looks way better worn in than fresh, and the uneven distressing from phones, keys, etc. make it look way better.
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