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They've got about 1.5 years worth of wear, and the fades are primarily from just walking around.
Twice washed APC Petit Standard.
I'd like to know as well.
Try levi's or something...
What jeans are most similar to the APC Petit Standard? (in cut)
Nothing wrong with being 5'9 and 125...
That's my buddy wearing my jacket. The collar on the 2013DR is pretty big, significantly larger than the MDR/2010DR.
Hey guise is this dr too small for me? Herpderp
What details are you talking about?
You might get a bit of shrink by dryer drying, but you'll probably get some in the biceps as well...All of uniqlos shirts flare at the bottom, even their slim dress shirts and whatnot. Maybe get it slimmed down a bit...
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