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Practically brand new Filson 256 in olive green. Message me for more information!
The jacket will look better after like 2 wears, when the leather has settled.
There's the 3 zip and the 4 zip. The rest were special orders or are just not offered anymore. The 4 zip has the flat pockets, while the 3 zip has the slanted pockets.
TOJ 2013DR in black lamb, sz. 44. No scuffs at all on the cuffs, back, etc. Pretty much babied this thing for the few months I've had it. Haven't really worn it much since it has been so hot in the bay area. 9/10 Also comes with the black belt. Measurements as ordered: shoulders 16.3" chest (pit-to-pit) 18.9" midsection 16.9" waist 17.3" body length, front 20.0" body length, back 22.0" sleeve length, from shoulder 24.0" sleeve width @ pit 6.0" sleeve width @ elbow...
Nice! Pretty much any film would do, but make sure to buy the proper iso film. (100 day, 400 shady, 800 night).
I swam about 2.3km 4-5 times a week for a while and didn't notice any height increase. Looked pretty decent though.
Brad isn't that bad. There are other frequent posters on SW+D that are far worse...
That's absurd, of course a jacket should be larger than a shirt. You're going to wear a shirt under that jacket aren't you?
The d3100 is great for the price, definitely not outdated IMO. Just get the refurbished one from adorama, and replace it with a better camera after a while if you decide to continue with photography.
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