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Quote: Originally Posted by mk.ultra This is my first watch. I'm only 21 and on a very tight budget, but haters can hate. I think it looks very nice for $72, and from what I've heard it will last quite awhile with Seiko's in house movement. Quite elegant actually.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bird's One View I prefer outside brace buttons, front and back. I'm considering trying this on my next suit...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mac I normally just sew straight through the fabric, from the out to the in, and place all my buttons on the inside. Is this the consensus here on SF? It makes sense to me, but I've had a tailor put them on and not go through the outer layer.
I've seen brace buttons both inside and outside the trousers. Is either one advantageous or more acceptable than the other? Furthermore, what is the proper method of attaching the buttons (through which layers of fabric)?
Definitely not.
Not a 180 LSAT?
Dear Santa, I want... [Fill in your list of unjustifiably overpriced items]
Needless to say different rums are different strengths. Shaking vs. stirring or room temperature will make a difference in the dilution. Different lime cultivars and degrees of ripeness produce different acidity and flavor. This is why the practice of hard and fast recipes is problematic... best to experiment and go with ones own judgment in any given culinary project.
Evan Williams single barrel is a superb bourbon and a bargain, superior to others Ive paid several times as much for. Makes a great old fashioned, although I generally go for rye these days otherwise. High West makes a great rye. If its hot out, a cube of ice from distilled water is best. Otherwise, always neat or with a dash of water.
Men's Bostonian 'Ardlay' Blucher Cap-toe Oxford 12M US Condition: New Size: 12 M US Color: Black I bought these at Nordstrom Rack and lost the receipt. Never wore them. They are actually a tad small for me, I'm a 12.5 and I thought they might work... My loss is your gain! Asking $49 + ship, or best offer. Paypal or Money Order preferred. They go for $100+ online (see below). Zappos Product Page: http://www.zappos.com/bostonian-ardlay-black-leather Amazon Product...
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