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Disappointing detail work. I'm curious as to why they'd send it out as is. This company has been manufacturing cases for over ten years, so the first question I'd have for them is where's your quality control? Also noticed that the company has since raised prices $100 on practically all of their products. Hopefully, higher prices will translate into shorter lead times and better made products.
I'm your size and wear a 44XL in the Madison cut.
I love spectators, but wish there were more opportunities to wear them without becoming "that guy." AE Broadstreet AE Strawfut Here's a pair of vintage J&M's, size 13B, that I acquired two summers ago, but still remain in their box.
I highly recommend the saddle in burgundy/black. Here's a pair of AE Polos in shell cordovan that I picked up several years ago.
It's a nice store. If you have an odd size like I do, you can call ahead and have them email you a list of their in-stock shoes in your size.
Sound advice. A half size larger will move the throat slightly forward but should not drastically alter other aspects of the fit. If you like the width, rule of thumb is go up one size and down one width.
Glad it all worked out and you are happy with your selection. I think what the other posters are questioning is that you chose a fashion-forward shoe to go with your traditional-cut suit. Full cut clothes such as yours would look better with a pair of Alden gunboats.
^ Yep, then she tried to tell me that she never advertised WHEN they were recrafted, only that they had been re-crafted by Alden to like new. Crazy stuff.
^ Thanks.
Tough situation on the return policy. There are many unscrupulous ebayers out there that misrepresent items, so I tend to shy away from those that don't offer some kind of a return policy. I purchased a pair of Alden full straps in shell cordovan that were listed as "Alden Restored" and then spelled out how Alden rebuilt the shoes to like new. According to the heel pad, the shoe were restored... and then worn for a few years. The photos were dark, intentionally...
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