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Quote: Originally Posted by CousinDonuts Andrew - did you enter your exact measurements, or did you make tweaks as some people have done on this site? I entered the exact measurements for the first suit I bought from them, back in August; I then just adjusted for these three based on that suit (though all I had to change was jacket sleeve length and pant length). Any more comments?
Hi, I'm looking for a tailor to do some alterations on some suits suit (possibly expanding the waist, shortening a jacket, etc.) in the Montreal area. Does anyone have any recommendations as to who might be good? The last real thread I could find on this was from 2004, so I'm hoping someone might have found someone since then (since the conclusion of the last thread seemed to be "there isn't anyone") In particular, the only real tailors the friends I asked knew were H...
Alright. Thanks to everyone for your comments so far! And if anyone else has any more, please do post them.
Thanks everyone for your comments so far Quote: Originally Posted by jbharris88 1st of all, why would you ever order 3 suits at once without knowing the product you were getting? I dunno though, something with the proportions/balance are off. I know the pics are not that great and I know you are standing funky, something isn't right. The shoulders don't look too bad considering the padding, but there seems to be too much space in the front...
Hi all, I just bought three Indochino suits (Grey, Charcoal, Navy), and put up some photos. I'd appreciate any comments on them that anyone might have! Thanks,
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan The major problem is the short front balance, most obvious in the side view of the navy suit, making it look like you're pregnant. Hmm, are there any alterations that could be done to correct that?
From the feel, I'd say that the shoulders fit well - maybe a 1/4 - 1/2 inch too wide, but that'd be it. Arm movement isn't particularly restricted; no worse than any other suit I've ever owned. And the shirtsleeves are pulled really far down on the Grey suit - the sleeves aren't that short in real life. Any other comments? I may take them to a tailor if anyone can think of anything that'd be fixable.
Hello, I've just received three new suits from - a Grey, a Charcoal, and a Navy. I've attached photos of myself in the three different jackets below - the three pairs of trousers all fit the same and all fit fine (it's the jackets I'd like critiques on), so I just wore the Navy ones in all the photos. Any suggested alterations? Or just any general comments? Thanks, Andrew ---------------- Grey Charcoal Navy
Quote: Originally Posted by KingOfTheForum The jacket is too short, and the pants are too long. I wonder how well you can move in that jacket. Can you lift your arms? Also, the shoes are butt-ugly. Well, when I lift my arms too much it doesn't work so well, but I easily have standard range of motion in it - can walk, shake hands, wave to people, etc. And yes, again, I know about the shoes. Quote: Originally Posted by...
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