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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Taking a page from j., I say that we take the latin "vesti", combine it with "sartorial" and come up with "vestorial". Done. Everyone use it a lot, it will come up on google searches, and we will have the distinction of have the first clothing forum created word entered into the OED. Not to find fault, but... ...you want to take an established word that originates in latin and combine it with another latin...
ask them is they "swing" at best, you'll spice up your love life, at worst you'll never have to worry about the need to reciprocate again...or is it the other way around?
man comes home to nagging wife who immediately demands sex by saying "Gimme ten inches and make it hurt!" so hubby bangs her twice and hits her in the head with the television.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bergdorf Goodwill Let's create a dialogue, friends. This one begins with needless contention: The term "sartorial," particularly as used within this forum and in various clothing magazines, has become increasingly cloying and reads poorly. Accomodate my tastes through alteration of your behavior or crucify me here, please. Sartorial is a perfectly cromulent word.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoe-nut It's small size would turn most people off now as bigger seems to be the trend these days. I'm not into all the fancy styling of today nor watches with multi functions just simple is fine for me. I guess your wrist is on the smaller side, too, making the watch look big. I know what you mean, though, about the small size. I have a Hamilton from circa 1940, and it is small, but looks even smaller on my big...
Very nice curvex...I have a Gruen myself, from the early 60's, I think. I've seen dozens of gruens, but the styling of yours stands out. Those lugs are cool. Seems rather large. How wide is it? (including crown)Any idea of how old it is.... ? (my guess would have to be at least 45 years, but could be late 30's model.)
Quote: Originally Posted by rajesh06 Sorry about that - must have been in a bad mood last night Well this is a thread that starts with a $300K Patek - so that is the context in which "expensive" is defined on this thread. Agreed - that said - I dont see this as a problem. Those watches are relatively tightly grouped in price - and there is nothing really wrong with ETA or Valjoux. Why do you feel that a buyer should have a problem with...
I bought a pair and ended up losing my shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by rajesh06 Can't imagine B&M would make a watch in this class. Guess this depends upon how you define "expensive" - but this is simply not true. Breitling is not in this class which is reserved for VC, PP, AP, Blancpain, and a few others You are? Thanks for the condescension, chief. As I stated, I'm not so sure it was B&M, but the radio piece did catch my attention due to the fact that the watchmaker was...
If you're a serious diver, or have some egotistical need, buy the submariner. If you want a watch that you can pull off casually as well as with a suit, then a mid-size datejust is ok. I happen to love rolex watches, and keep kicking myself for not picking one up every time I did have the spare cash. As soon as i have an exra $7k Canadian, I'm getting a Cellini Danaos.
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