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$189 for the duffle...
Need the duffle gone..another drop! Great for flippers :|
Price drop on Burberry
Price drop
5% off Burberry Duffle.
Drop on PS jacket
Consolidating a ton of my other threads to keep it more organized. I am a powerseller on ebay and have been selling on here for awhile. Please let me know if you have any questions. Up for sale is a gorgeous Men's Paul Smith, Size M Herringbone Car/Overcoat with a soft and luxurious Sherpa type lining. This coat is warm and ready to wear. . This coat is absolutely luxurious and screams quality. It has pockets to warm your hands on the outside, and is in...
I'm sorry - Wrong thread!
Duffle @ $250..........
What about a new Hyundai Sonata? The new design is very nice and a great package can be had in the $25,000 range. It has all the bells and whistles you could want in a more "professional" car if you don't care about the, you can't beat the warranty and maintenance charges you will save instead of going with a European car.
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