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More drops
I think this is one of the nicest wine racks I have seen... and so happens that I am selling it (Chicago area). It's from the 1970's by a sculture named Arthur Umanoff...made in the USA. This thing is heavy, made from saddle leather and iron
Added 40R Isaia Coat - 6/16
Will take $900. It is truly stuning in person.
Drops on everything. These suits and coats are a steal. They are extremely recent and if you are the size, do yourself a favor and pick up a few. I will give discounts (generously) for multiple purchases
Drakes, Paul Stuart, Bijan, PRL Ties, Tons of Recenet Paul Stuart Cashmere Coats/Suits, Lizard Belt, BB Leather Belt
Drop on nearly All ties/belts.
#8 Suit Added. I believe a lot of the PS ties are for drakes.. A steal at the price I listed. And like Adam said above..this is your chance to own a Bijan item for what the tie is actually worth!
New Posts  All Forums: