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Each tie is $60 shipped besides the Brioni tie which is $40. Let me know if you have any questions 1) First is a Thomas Pink tie in a beautiful color with a neat starburst/flower pattern. This tie is awesome and would keep if I actually wore ties anymore. Width is 3.75" 2) This is a Salvatore Ferragamo extremely recent tie with a beautiful strawberry pattern. A really neat tie and really high quality silk. Width is 3.75" 3) Here is a Phineas Cole (Upscale Paul...
Here is a fantastic pair of Alden 681 Black calfskin penny loafers in great condition. They have a ton of life left in them and honestly look great! These can be worn anywhere. Size 9.5 B|D. Comes without box/trees
AA[BIf you are a 46-48L...this is your day. Need to get rid of these ASAP. Suits are $200 Each and Blazers are $150 each... Shipped[/B] 1) Here is a great and unique coat - An extremely recent Paul Stuart (Stuart II) wool/possum/cashmere blend Coat. It is fully lined, single vented, two button, and features beautiful leather buttons. A really, really nice coat that retailed for something ridiculous Measurements 25" from pit to pit 25" from shoulder to end of...
AAFor sale is a Hickey Freeman Collection suit, tagged 44R. It is fully lined, and features 3 buttons (3/2 Roll). It looks absolutely brand new and ready to be worn (needs a good pressing as it was folded in my closet). It is extremely recent and a great alternative color. This is the top of the Hickey Freeman Line and is absolutely great condition. Every man needs this color in their rotation, and its hard to find one of this quality, make, construction, and...
Tie # 3 sold
The ties are indeed 100% authentic and guarenteed to be authentic. The buyer can bring them into any Hermes store to be authenticated. Steve
Here is a NWT Men's Brooks Brothers Navy Blazer with gorgeous brass buttons. This was given as a gift to me, but was bought in the wrong size. A great staple to have in any man's closet. Please let me know if you have any questions. It is not fully lined so it is great for all seasons. 20" from pit to pit 23" from shoulder to end of sleeve - There is more room in the sleeve to let out 18" from shoulder to shoulder 30" from collar to bottom of coat
Hello, Here is a NWT Pair of 100% Soft Wool Ralph Lauren Purple Label Dress pants. These are very soft to the touch and are perfect for the office. They are unlined so they still feel nice, even when its hot outside. They retailed for above $400 and are ready to be worn! Please contact me with any questions! Measurements 18" in Waist 33.5" inseam with no cuff
Here is a NWOT Ralph Lauren Purple Label Khakis. These are in perfect condition and are made from 100% cotton. These are ready for the office or ready to wear out on the town. They are lightweight, but are too small for me. Measurements... 15.5" Across 31.5" inseam 3" to let out in waist No Cuff
Hello, Here is a beautiful Brioni jacket from my personal collection, which was purchased at Neiman Marcus. This Coat in in perfect condition besides an interior button missing. It is blueish/greenish in color, and really looks great with jeans, khakis, or basically any other combination you can think of. It is 100% genuine leather, and I have never seen another one like it. Don't miss the opportunity if it fits you.. it's a steal at this price. Let me know if you...
New Posts  All Forums: