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I've had these a year or so and just don't wear them. They are not as fitted as most pants I would wear and have been hemmed up quite a bit by someone. Brown cotton corduroys made in Italy. Very good condition. These are obviously older Billy Reid's. I'm originally from Florence and believe these were found thrifting there. Recently dry cleaned. Measurements: 15" across waist 27" inseam (with about 1.5" to let out) 9" leg opening $50 + shipping (OBO)
I bought this a few years ago off this forum from Tweedydon. It is a wonderful jacket that I have hung in my closet for the past few years, basically never worn. I never had it altered for me to wear as I felt the shoulders are too wide for me. My loss is someone else's gain. The colors are quite amazing on this thing. I have included Tweedydon's original description below. I took some photos in natural light and a few up close in direct lightPlease let me know of...
Sorry for the delay. There is about an inch to let out, maybe a little more.
It's not boxy, but not fitted. It leans toward relaxed fit. I haven't had it altered.
These are some pretty cool HSM pants. They are a little old school, my Mom found them somewhere in original shape. I had them hemmed, but don't quite like the fit on me. They are double pleated with cuffs. 100% wool, Made in USA. It's a cool pattern that I get compliments on every time I wear them (less than half a dozen times). $50 40 35 plus shipping. Let me know of any questions. Measurements: 14.5" waist 28.5" inseam 8.5" across at hem Thanks. Wade
I bought these off Styleforum last year (see link below) and haven't gotten around to taking them to the tailor. I'm doing a little spring cleaning so these are up for grabs for $40 35 plus shipping. Awesome 100% Italian linen, they just don't fit me quite right. They are a cool dark green windowpane pattern, size 30 (EUR 46). They appear to be old school Mabitex by the labels. Let me know of any questions. Measurements: 15.25" waist 33.5" inseam 8.5" across at...
Doing a little spring cleaning. This is a lightly used Banana Republic size 38S 100% linen jacket. It was from the summer 07 season; they must have been making them a little better back then because the quality is decent for BR. The photos in the sun are a little more accurate to color. $35 30 plus shipping. Measurements: 17" Shoulder seam to shoulder seam (with maybe 0.25" extra of pad outside of seam) 28.75" BOC 20" pit to pit 22" sleeve Let me know of any...
I bought this off StyleForum last summer and will reference Holdfast's original extensive post (it's just as he described). I have added my own pictures, although this suit has sat in my closet ever since I purchased it. It is fantastic, but I have a new job where I will not be wearing many suits, so time for some spring cleaning. This suit will be perfect for the upcoming spring/summer and it's a bargain. I took the trouble of getting it shipped across the pond, so...
Can you give the measurements? Thanks.
Hi all, I posted my pictures and thoughts on my recent first purchase from Black Lapel in the tailor's thread. In short, I was impressed but it is not perfect. Please see the link below and provide any comments if you can. http://www.styleforum.net/t/265924/the-tailors-thread-fit-feedback-and-alteration-suggestions/3765#post_6545006 Thanks. Wade
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