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Sorry for the delay. There is about an inch to let out, maybe a little more.
It's not boxy, but not fitted. It leans toward relaxed fit. I haven't had it altered.
These are some pretty cool HSM pants. They are a little old school, my Mom found them somewhere in original shape. I had them hemmed, but don't quite like the fit on me. They are double pleated with cuffs. 100% wool, Made in USA. It's a cool pattern that I get compliments on every time I wear them (less than half a dozen times). $50 40 plus shipping. Let me know of any questions. Measurements: 14.5" waist 28.5" inseam 8.5" across at hem Thanks. Wade
I bought these off Styleforum last year (see link below) and haven't gotten around to taking them to the tailor. I'm doing a little spring cleaning so these are up for grabs for $40 35 plus shipping. Awesome 100% Italian linen, they just don't fit me quite right. They are a cool dark green windowpane pattern, size 30 (EUR 46). They appear to be old school Mabitex by the labels. Let me know of any questions. Measurements: 15.25" waist 33.5" inseam 8.5" across at...
Doing a little spring cleaning. This is a lightly used Banana Republic size 38S 100% linen jacket. It was from the summer 07 season; they must have been making them a little better back then because the quality is decent for BR. The photos in the sun are a little more accurate to color. $35 30 plus shipping. Measurements: 17" Shoulder seam to shoulder seam (with maybe 0.25" extra of pad outside of seam) 28.75" BOC 20" pit to pit 22" sleeve Let me know of any...
I bought this off StyleForum last summer and will reference Holdfast's original extensive post (it's just as he described). I have added my own pictures, although this suit has sat in my closet ever since I purchased it. It is fantastic, but I have a new job where I will not be wearing many suits, so time for some spring cleaning. This suit will be perfect for the upcoming spring/summer and it's a bargain. I took the trouble of getting it shipped across the pond, so...
Can you give the measurements? Thanks.
Hi all, I posted my pictures and thoughts on my recent first purchase from Black Lapel in the tailor's thread. In short, I was impressed but it is not perfect. Please see the link below and provide any comments if you can. http://www.styleforum.net/t/265924/the-tailors-thread-fit-feedback-and-alteration-suggestions/3765#post_6545006 Thanks. Wade
I took some new pictures, hopefully these are better (although some are blurry). For some reason, I can't get them to go right side up when uploading. Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks.
I agree, my brother thinks he's a professional photographer and takes them his way. Given that I am a busy, single man, it's near impossible to get someone to take pictures of you in a 3 piece suit too often. I'm hoping the pictures I have can give some general ideas. I've added some with just the vest below. Any comments are appreciated.
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