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the petit standard are:98% Cotton. 2% Polyurethane. with my raws i only washed by hand once every 6 months or so. with these, i would probably wash by hand and hang dryyah
hello - quick question. i have the raw Petit New Standards in a 29. wanted some black denim to replace very old dior 19s, so tried on Petit Standard. the 29 in the Petit Standard looked good, but i could also fit the 28. the store seemed to think 28 would look better in time. so question is - any of you have black Petit Standards (not raw just black denim).if so - have they stretched out? they seem to have some elastic material. my other hestiation with the 28 is i dont...
would tight or skinny fit be closer? trying to find out if anyone in the thread has experience going from APC Petit New standard to tight or skinny jeans from Unbranded, and if so - what size they took..would like somewhat a similar fit but difficutl to try on in london
hello, usually wear APC petit new standard in 29. like the fit, and wanted to buy something similar in unbranded If possible. so 2 questions please! 1. which Unbranded model closest to APC petit new standard? 2. I am a 29 waist in APC, what waist size in Unbranded? any help appreciated thanks!
hello all - i wear a size 29 in APC petit new standards. went to apc to get a pair of black selvedge, but they dotn have them. so - it seems "tapered" from unbranded is a similar fit to apc petit new standard, correct? if so - how would i size on them?... thank you
great! will check out cutler and gross to start. will try to find some of the japenese brands mentioned, but stocklists seem somewhat hard to come by in London at lest.. i'll have a look at Larke, although i dont have the kind of expertise you do to make judgements on quality - i can only mention my opinion on the aesthetic.. also - not sure of the quality, but for the price (£100) i feel they are good value and they are quite simple ( and no visible logos). i have a pair...
hey Tsujigiri..great thread, just wish it was longer! my brother is coming over from canada to visit me here in London..and he is after some new sunglasses. was thinking to take him to cutler and gross as a start, then onto some smaller optics stores (mallon and taub etc). just wanted to ask if you have an opinion on Moscot? he is after some simple, classic acetate sunglasses (nothing sporty)... any other brand suggestions would be amazing! i know he has BP's (he likes...
hello, just wondering if anyone has opinions on the quality of francois pinton frames versus moscot or cutler and gross? wanted to get a new pair and like the classic style frames for sunglasses - so any opinions helpful!
miss TOJ....and maybe its too soon.. but does anyone know any M2M leather jacket makers to try now that TOJ is no longer taking orders?
hello - that was my prediction when I first went the bespoke route. but in hindsight, I do wish I got a more modern cut of suit trouser. pleats, high waisted trousers and cuffs can make a 35 year old look 55, in my experience.I will certainly keep my Chan trousers and if that style does come back, i'll be quite happy! the jackets I have cut look great, its just the trousers that date the suit, I think..well lets see how things evolve. I'm sure when I'm 55, younger people...
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