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hello, if anyone in the UK looking for a lightly used pair of APC standard size 28 - am selling my pair on Ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261574925063?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
hello gents, just received a Hardy Minnis 9-10oz fresco ii 0511. pictures.. On my other commissions, I requested more classic tailoring, however on this commission I asked Patrick to move a bit more towards a modern cut - slimmer legs, lower rise, slightly shorter jacket. overall, i am finding people think i look "younger" in this new cut. the jacket is similar to my previous commissions, however the trousers seem to really change the overall asthetic. i was very...
its lee baron, finally figured it out!
hello, i am trying to remember the name of a shirtmaker i wanted to try in HK. i was going to send him an ascot chang shirt to copy but now i can't remember the shirt makers name! it was not a shirtmaker from the usual suspects, anyone have comprehensive list of shirt makers in HK? i seem to recall the email address was a .ca, which is unique perhaps any help appreciated!
hi Masshi..I live in London and there is an APC store here, so that's not an issue. however, I have tried twice now (both times taking the advice of APC) but both times the jeans have ended up uncomrtably tight..I can try them on again in store, of course the larger size will feel better but I wanted to avoid the jeans looking oversized after stretch..
hi guys, sorry for another sizing help question. i asked a few pages back for sizing advice (i wear a 31 in most trousers/pants), but have bought a 28 in the APC new standard (stores advice and my second attempt at the new standard). however, after 30-40 wears the thighs and crotch area are uncomfortably tight. when the jeans are on, my thighs and upper legs feel really constricted and haven't seem to stretch out much, if anything at all. even the waist hasn't seem to...
anyone know of any Francois Pinton stocklists in London, or do I have to Eurostar to Paris? any help appreciated as want a classic pair and it seems this brand has some good options. I also like the cutler and gross sunglasses, oliver peoples and the barton pferrira eyeglasses to give you an idea of what I'm after..thanks!
thanks..I'm getting frustrated with APC, as this is the 3rd time I have tried (and failed!) to get the sizing right. I would have thought sizing in-store would have been a safe bet, but a 28 when I usually wear a 31 seems WAY too tight.I will have to try a 29, or I was considering to even go 30!thanks
hello.. I have an APC sizing question.. so, I usually wear a 31 waist in jeans, and the APC store in London recommended I purchase a 28 in the new standard. I have worn them about 30 times, but they are still REALLY tight in the waist and thighs..uncomfortably so... have I sized wrong or will they become comfortable/stretch over time. I have read about 30 pages of this thread but am losign my sanity any advice appreciated
update: so I have tried the 38 from lockie. it fits me much better than the 40. the 38 is still loose in the chest and some extra space under the armholes..but quite a gorgeous sweater, and the price is very good considering the quality. i have to order 4 of the same style. i would have preferred to order a couple vee necks, a crew and a cardigan but this is not possible to do on a custom order of 4. anyways, i think the 38 may work well for other men who are fairly...
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