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lol why do you even have "beater" clothes?
has anyone here had experience with "Mikhail Zenon"?
Lol.Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
Its just like the iphone 4s, but with a bigger screen!
no, go for a 29 in the PS
Like Artishard, I painted my GAT originals. I only painted the suede:(These have no insoles, that is just the lining lol) [[SPOILER]] (click for much larger view)Tips:- use a cheapo plastic shoe tree whilst painting- sand down the area with medium grit paper- mix water with the acrylic paint- do multiple coats
Has anyone done a DIY helmut lang thumb bondage thing thats on the end of the sleeve?
do the svensson highs compare to cp high or cp mid (achilles)?
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