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It makes my eyes hurt.
I am a size 10 in chuck taylors the width is a little too big but its not taht much of a problem. what is my size in: 1) Alden oxfords 2) Allen Edmond oxfords Can anyone give me an idea of how they fit? BTW would these be legit http://cgi.ebay.com/170517511360
Im new but its pretty safe to say no for those black hitops.
Basketball doesnt require the public to like you. Detroit BadBoys showed that. If he cares about winning then he doesnt have to care about evry guy on the street liking him, selling shoes and clothing is a side job. hes a baller not a designer -_- Now if lebron james wants to know what he should do is shut up and play basketball, you are not the greatest ever unless your team puts the ball in the circle more times than the other team.
i might grab some stuff
yeah just read the thread lol
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