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Quote: Originally Posted by meso +1. The lightweight material is easy to work with. I don't have the kind of coin or desire to spend $180 on a pair of slim chinos. I got a pair of j crew (yeah) officer's chinos for free as part of a SF deal and slimmed them down yesterday for the cost of a spool of thread. After you do it once or twice you get the hang of it, and they'll fit better than any off the rack pants. yeah, you gotta make sure the...
somebody might have said this already but wings + horns field pants are great chekc them out, someone had them on WAYWT
gun to your head jack purcells' or john varvatos'? which ones
Thats true ^, do your research and then when you have got a purchase down to a few items and really need the help then go post in should i kop thread or something like that. Check one of Jkissis new posts he did something on BDU pants
gaping shirt Do gaping vents between buttons mean there is not enough cloth to cover the shoulder blades or is the waist too small. BTW do aldens and allen edmond shoes (ive been asking this for a while) run true to size, larger or smaller?
shoe condoms http://mensstyleblog.blogspot.com/20...ur-rubber.html
I like to slim my own chinos as they will then fit me perfectly and as slim as i want it.
Most of these posts are like basics- socks boxers whatevr. I guess hanes v necks are my favorite.
I am a size 10 in chuck taylors the width is a little too big but its not taht much of a problem. what is my size in: 1) Alden oxfords 2) Allen Edmond oxfords Can anyone give me an idea of how they fit? Anybody here own both chucks and aldens or allen edmonds?
Heydays have some great hi tops but they lack something that i cant put my finger on, supra societies in suede have great potential, same with generic surplus. all these three have great potential but lack something IMHO
New Posts  All Forums: