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dip them in a bucket of cement for a diy project.
like the guys face lol
nah leave it at 29.
I would just like to say if anyone wants to repair their denim send it to Mikhail Zenon. He does an absolutely great job!
pretty plebian lol
post pic
Size 9-12 mens, 11+ womensI am a true size 9US and am 275 in the original German Army Trainers. I am a size 42 in CP Achilles (don’t have any atm) and a size 9.5US in Chuck Taylors. I would say the fit is more towards the tight side, and I would like Ninja Sox to increase the size of the overall sock in future as this should be able to fit a size 12 with slight tightness, whereas it fits a size 9 with a significant amount of tightness.The sock measures approximately 17 cm...
lol why do you even have "beater" clothes?
has anyone here had experience with "Mikhail Zenon"?
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