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jsut go to sufu and post in their dh thread/
Sorry to hijack this thread but is anyone here into SW&D or just MC?
tts or up 1
AFAIK the sole is used by many sneakers; Android Homme and some other stuff, even some cheapo sneakers use the same sole.
name is dedicated to his sales.
how much will hm x margiela hi tops be rippping people off for? Anyone estimate or know any price ranges? might keep me warm in my fireplace at night.
pretty coolis that ervell tailored? From my experience, those oxide shirts have been a bit what are the uniqlos? Are they khakis or t-000 in a sandy colour?
lol dont worry about it you might screw the shirt up if you try.
Im still not sold on velcros, why not just get laced up mmm highs? so much better.
if the crotch was dropped this would be so killer
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