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nah their (his) use of proxies could still allow him to be one person.Was malakas was the one with the fake original fake leathers from his guy in Pakistan and had a crooked goatee? Or was he always rambling about his training camp?someone bring up his waywt's i think he posted a couple.
has miran = malakas been debunked?
no. the use of logic itself is alright, but the actual facts are just wrong.
can that actually be worn inside out for the luls?
I know how you feel, though the pomegranates are usually sour, it was probably cooked longer or something.
you only smoking whilst wearing a toj jacket?
Anyone here know of decent tailors in the Western Sydney area? I just need a quick hemming of some of my ocbd's that i wear with jeans. I've tried Nakhle Tailors in Parramatta. He took only 10-15 minutes and was relatively cheap. However he said he is busy till new years.
damn... i should contribute here more often.
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