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Any news on international shipping? Any idea at all on what the prices are going to be like?
yeah if the petit standard had dh19cm top block that would be killer because the stacks on the 19cm aren't as good as the ps due to the lack of taper so it will stack outwards more and be fatter at the ankle.apc i think tried to mix the two with the petit new standard but imo that was a failure.definitely.but at the end of the day i guess if you size down 1 on a PS you would get a good result.
lol whywith stops they like 2.5 hours much do you guys think nashty will influence the winning/losses after he comes back.hope this fracture isn't the end of him. personally, i like him the most out of any player this decade.
thought he looks like a masculine version of harry
well it depends, i don't have large thighs at all but i get a white ling from the selvedge stretching. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, it does however look like your jawns are too small for your body
this is answered with another question:are you a plebe?
No, he was simply imitating SVB.
are these kva's?
Has measurements for the yet to be released oxford been posted here?
hahahhahahahaif non baller go uniqlo xs
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