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Are there any retailers out there that carry the Flexwelt Dover in Natural CXL? I know JCrew had a presale on this last year, but I missed it. I'm hoping some small retailer may have have produced another line of them at some point. Thanks!
Hello all, Chan is coming to town soon for their trunk show, and I plan to have my fit updated and make an order. I'm interested in basic shirting and business casual pants. I'm hoping the experts on the forum can advise me on the best fabrics brands/colors/weights to look for to grow and add versatility to my wardrobe. My simple shoe collection consists of black cap-toe oxfords, and burgundy cordovan and dark brown suede loafers. Additionally, I already have a dark...
Natural Shell Cordovan Patriots
Allen Edmonds Sz 9 Natural Shell Cordovan Patriot Loafer ******Auction Ends Sunday night Jan 10th, 2016 at 10 PM EST. These were a customed-ordered pair of shoes ordered during an Allen Edmonds trunk show. These loafers come in natural shell cordovan, and will develop an incredible patina over time. These shoes have been tried on in store, and have some minor creasing on the upper. The soles are in perfect condition, never worn outside. Comes with original box and shoe...
Hello Everyone! I purchased the Mulberry Leather Jacket from Epaulet New York a few years ago. It’s a phenomenal jacket—but given my formal work environment, I was not able to work it into my wardrobe. As such, the jacket is in like-new condition, and hopefully soon to a new owner. The jacket is a size SMALL (Great for shorter guys who want a good fit). For reference, I wear a suit jacket in a size 36. The color is a rich chocolate brown with a great textured grain. ...
Allen Edmonds Dark Brown Shell Cordovan Geary Wingtip Blucher Size 9
The shell is actually very uniform on this pair of Patriots. The difference seen in the first photo is primarily due to the reflection of the light source, as you mentioned. It changes drastically depending on the light and the angle of the shot. It was actually quite difficult to take a picture with my iPhone that could accurately capture the color--someone with some knowledge of photography could surely offer some advice. I could take another photo or two if I knew...
With natural brown cordovan being on the more casual end of the color spectrum, I'm surprised nobody else posted pair of patriots yet.
Allen Edmonds Park Ave Black Calfskin, size 9E Preowned AE Park Aves, size 9E (auction ends Saturday, June 21st)
Allen Edmonds Suede Grayson Tassel Loafer, dark brown size 9D Brand New, factory fresh AE tassel loafer (auction ends Saturday June 21st)
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