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Allen Edmonds Dark Brown Shell Cordovan Geary Wingtip Blucher Size 9
The shell is actually very uniform on this pair of Patriots. The difference seen in the first photo is primarily due to the reflection of the light source, as you mentioned. It changes drastically depending on the light and the angle of the shot. It was actually quite difficult to take a picture with my iPhone that could accurately capture the color--someone with some knowledge of photography could surely offer some advice. I could take another photo or two if I knew...
With natural brown cordovan being on the more casual end of the color spectrum, I'm surprised nobody else posted pair of patriots yet.
Allen Edmonds Park Ave Black Calfskin, size 9E Preowned AE Park Aves, size 9E (auction ends Saturday, June 21st)
Allen Edmonds Suede Grayson Tassel Loafer, dark brown size 9D Brand New, factory fresh AE tassel loafer (auction ends Saturday June 21st)
Alden Snuff Suede Unlined PTB Blucher Size 8.5 Preowned Alden Snuff suede plain toe blucher (Auction ends Saturday, June 21st)
Alden Shell Cordovan Longwing, Color 8 Burgundy, Barrie Last Size 8.5 US Auction Ends Tomorrow Monday 6/8 at 7:00 PM EST Crockett and Jones Audley, Dark Brown Calf, 337 Last Size 8.0 UK Auction Ends Monday 6/9 at 8 PM EST
My new MTO Brown Shell Cordovan Geary Wingtips with my Burgundy Shell Patriots. The wingtips are great. They actually look better on the foot than they do in these pictures. Right now, both colors are pretty dark, but I imagine the brown cordovan will warm up after I put it through some wear. I know rare shell is hard to come by these days, but if AE were to acquire some in the future, it would probably be walnut cordovan, right? I'd love to MTO a pair of...
*****Price Drop**** $500. Shoe bags included too. *****Price Drop***** Reduced to $550 from $650. Also, original shoe bags included! Up for offer is a preowned pair of Crockett and Jones Audley shoes in 8 E. These shoes are in dark brown calf, on the 337 last. I purchased these shoes last March, but as luck would have it, I changed jobs and barely wear them anymore. Asking $650 all in. They are in good condition, I wore them with a rotation of other shoes, so...
Thanks for the info everyone! Please update us when you receive your navy tassel, that sounds like a great makeup. I'll probably hold out on a purchase until I hear from you. I think a MTO would still be cheaper than a stock Alden, and the wait wouldn't be too bad--the weather hasn't really been cooperative so far this year, it's not like I'll be wearing them anytime soon.
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