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anyone know where I can get a pair of marcellos? prefer matte black
is it me, or does it feel that SLP clothes arent much on the quality side? Dior was ok - good, SLP is only average - sub par based on the price point. Especially the jeans I feel
Would buy the jeans with the cuffs and the baseball Shirt and the striped round neck. someone please stock them
Anyone know where can buy a Chain destroyed in size 32?
I bought the blakes... its ok i do feel the leather is buttery and thin, i think im kind of the hard leather kind of person...would prefer thicker leather for the shoes
any size 46 black tencel bomber left? I searched and did not see any........ sleeves look long though
Whats the retail on the chain destroyed jeans? Are they 15.5 or 17.5? Tia
whats the difference between the blake cropped jodphurs and the original cropped ones? can anyone advise on the quality of the shoes? worth the money? Thanks in advance!
where can i get these replicas?
anyone know where can i see a larger collection of eyewear for RG? lol
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