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the embroidered shirt yea or nay ?
goes pretty well with light blue, but it doesnt go well with black or dark colours,,,,,,,,,,
Is the Massimo jacket worth it? I'm on a money stretch and I actually have like 4-5 RG bombers already and they are all black too
is the leaf print shirt out yet?
RG is wearing a shirt from the upcoming FW16 right ?
what are these pants?
I bought a 30 sized 2 down from my real waist size provided you have no calves its hella tight
Just got the Spring denim in, got the correct size thanks to a few of you guys here, the calves are tight even though i have no calf muscles. Overall the quality is slightly better or on par with SLP. Cool colour too.
im jealous, where did you get it, i have the grey ones and its awesome
Im worried about the sizing as im non US returning them is a pain, Im a TTS waist 32, I should get a size 31? or 30? I have skinny calves if it helps. Thank you guys
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