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If i usually a size 46 in RG shirts should I get the 44 for Casper? I like a in between 46-48 in Shirts
Im thinking of getting one of the colors of the casper jacket, I cant really decide on it. I want to see the real thing but alas there is no shops in Asia. Anyone can advise me?
You mean Furrer Jacot used to make this or Rolex?
the purple shirt in look 25 looks very interesting, keen to buy/have a closer look
pre orders please!
I have a hard time choosing yacht-master m116655 everose or AP RO #15400ST what do you guys think?
I got this pair from Robert himself, alas it doesnt fit me properly. Anyone wanna take it off my hands? It would make a great Xmas gift
I tired emailing them, there is no response for 2 days.....are they still in business?
the embroidered shirt yea or nay ?
goes pretty well with light blue, but it doesnt go well with black or dark colours,,,,,,,,,,
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