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anyone know where can i see a larger collection of eyewear for RG? lol
Fok, I'm the guy who got the black cumberbund, please dun send out anything yet I would like to add on things for replacing those that I didn't get. I would get back to you in a few hours. I need some sleep first. Thanks
Is the grey coated jeans listed as coated pants is the same?
shit I ordered the black! thanks mello
which cumberbund is nicer? chocolate or black lol
its 4 am here my side and I have work in another 4 hours
Whats the care instruction/ washing on the TOJ0? And if I you guys want a rider and can only have 1 which one will it be? Im kinda torn
whats the cut on the sepia jeans this time? I hope I can fit some slim ones. not looking forward to skinny jeans
anyone knows where can I get another of this
where can we get a view of the line sheet please?
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