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You mean Furrer Jacot used to make this or Rolex?
the purple shirt in look 25 looks very interesting, keen to buy/have a closer look
pre orders please!
I have a hard time choosing yacht-master m116655 everose or AP RO #15400ST what do you guys think?
I got this pair from Robert himself, alas it doesnt fit me properly. Anyone wanna take it off my hands? It would make a great Xmas gift
I tired emailing them, there is no response for 2 days.....are they still in business?
the embroidered shirt yea or nay ?
goes pretty well with light blue, but it doesnt go well with black or dark colours,,,,,,,,,,
Is the Massimo jacket worth it? I'm on a money stretch and I actually have like 4-5 RG bombers already and they are all black too
is the leaf print shirt out yet?
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