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???????? opinions?
Anyone in contact with him, let him know im in to buy this patterns and contacts
im actually interested in taking over/buying the business but its production is in korea?
I was thinking, since keith is broke/near broke why dun someone just hire him/put him on the payroll and restart a leather jacket business using or not another brand?
its sad That TOJ has become like this, I think it was a very profitable business and have multiple returning customers and great reviews. Aw hell now becomes shit, WTF man, shitty restuarant close that shit down and do what u do best and stop following yr stupid dreams of becoming a chef, fail as one, u cant cook as good as u sew
Guys does this look authentic to you? I have a bad feeling.........
does anyone know how to identify fakes on jeans? I just saw a pair of chain distressed thats made in Japan? I always thought they are from Italy?
anywhere I can do pre orders?
do you still have these?
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