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Ask him, be prepared furious disapprobation.
Looks flashy, try-hard and hollow. I wouldn't wear one. Edit: Jesus that guy is a tool.
There is only one reason to manufacture in China, and that is cheapness. If they cheap out in this way, there is no telling how else they will cheap out. When your tailors are in/around London, or you directly own the workroom, employ the staff and manage it yourself, it shows that people are willing to put more into a product to ensure it comes out right, rather than shipping it off across the high seas and hooping for the best. Considering the suits are made in...
If you want to try bow ties out, and give them the fairest possible shake, then why start budget? Get a madder silk one from Drakes, or better yet, N&L.
I like the throatlatch.
Thank you, a Bidjar and a Tabriz with silk highlights. Half the time I concentrate more on the rugs in shoe pictures than the shoes!
Fun in the lab Official business
It looks much better than I thought it would.
I think calling C&D bespoke is being at best generous, at worst disingenuous. Assuming they are even cut in this country, how is a cutter supposed to accurately convey how they want a garment made up to someone thousands of miles away in China? How is a cutter supposed to match a customer to a specific coatmaker that suits their style when they have a staff of 35 coatmakers overseas. How is one to be sure of getting the same coatmaker each time? Just because they have...
Quote: Originally Posted by meister This response is not unlike the arrogant abusive way Nick V treated me when I sent him a pair of shoes to fix and he stuffed the job up and refused even to make amends. Thanks to the OP for outing Nick V for the wanker he really is. The Peanut Gallery would appreciate pictures or further elaboration.
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