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C&J Sydney for me. Is that the picture in your first post?
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep ^ Three pages on one dude's (serviceable) suit. Time to get sober. Just one if you have man sized pages. We are but a third of he way through!
Why buy alden when in europe?
Quote: Originally Posted by Not Ed Harris I went to Durham, and the students there are vaguely similar to those St Andrews You mean they didn't get into Oxford/Cambridge either?
I went for a twice around ascot with my college scarf today, tucked into a Harrington jacket, it was good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Heh. He really is biggest ass on TV in any nation, isn't he? I like him. Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Ask him - he was quite happy to reveal publicly where he bought his underpants (M and S) about three years ago. I remember him complaining about their socks wearing out in the toe, he went on to describe himself as a most vociferous toe nail clipper.
Beautiful, if you can afford them.
"I'm afraid the kids can't come, we're tight on numbers/the venue is unsuitable/I don't what noisy, smelly, sticky fucks around when I'm getting drunk and fucking my wife."
Is he actually being offered research positions? This was stuff I was expected to know or the first term of my undergraduate degree. Obviously a gifted 12 year old, but he's a way off conducting serious research.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith then it will be, and it will be made in England. I have seen no such statements, though I am willing to be convinced. Links?
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