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I am still waiting for a conclusion to the last Fit Battle he was in. He said he needed a couple of months to plug a hole in wardrobe. Time is up.
That survey was full of errors. I see a few of these "Help with my final year project" threads, containing crappy surveys, they all lead me to question what sort of rigorous academic standards are being applied to these courses.
You seem to be putting up with this stoically, I would not be happy at this treatment.
I have an extremely large hore hair brush, cherry handled and with leather stitched to the back from WS Foster. Great for a quick buff before heading out, or will rub off polish to a satin shine in a very short amount of time.
Never, little bastards.
Feel free to download the images and shrink them yourself.
I am lazy, though I do appreciate the speedy responses.
I know, the images were huge so I disabled them after I received the required advice. Maybe I will go and spoiler the text.
Thanks for the replies chaps. Which line of Zegna suits are equivalent to this? I would certainly try them if they had a comparable offering.
Any help identifying the maker? I couldn't pretend to tell one Italian from another. Click for large pictures. [[SPOILER]] It's fully canvassed and wears nicely.
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