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Quote: Originally Posted by aspirant Thanks for the replies guys =D Can't ditch him b/c he's a very good mate. The current Miss is buying dresses for all her bridesmaid so I don't want to look like a cheapass. It would be nice to be able use these suit at the next guy's wedding in 5-6 years. Tradition sounds good. Would the suits be able to last that long if it had a maximum of 20% polyester? We're blowing 60k AUD (more than USD hehehe...) on...
Say he can pay for the suit, he will soon be quiet. The ingratitude he has is staggering. Even if he hates the idea of wrinkling so much, he could wear the suit three times (and actually look respectable), until it starts to get the slightest wrinkles, then throw it away and be no worse off. The stupid of some people pains me.
I suppose he actually is learning something here after all. I hope he references Style Forum in his bibliography.
Quote: Originally Posted by danielmatthewsmith Hah! You sound like one of those dicks who everyone loves, very Charlie Sheen-esque. I'll link you to the shoes i'm currently wearing but i cba takign a photo: Those shoes are unacceptable. Firstly, how are you to target your data collection? If you are interested in Nordstrom's and Westfield, which side of the Atlantic are you on? Do you know which...
Quote: Originally Posted by danielmatthewsmith Any tips to improve it then? Also bump + thanks to everyone who has taken part so far! Can you afford my consultancy rate? If not, poast a picture of your shoes, I will help for free (Mathematics Msc, I also use stats in my Dphil, you want my help, just sayin').
Quote: Originally Posted by GBer Good info. Thanks. I realize this is a budget piece, but I would like to see something similar with H&K, T&A, N&L, and maybe TP. I can help you out there, TP are are not in them same league at all, they should be compared to TML etc based on quality, then ignored on price.
New & Lingwood, Harvie & Hudson are also options, both cheaper than Emma Wills. I believe she used to use Rayner & Sturges to make her shirts, but she now has her own factory, in a converted townhouse, how trendy.
5 star threak
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius Rationality is a quantifiable thing, one can rule whether an issue is rational or not. This is not (should not be anyway) a value judgement. Not being rational does not equal "bad." People tend to take you a lot less seriously when you prefix your opinions with "I hold the irrational belief that . . ."
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del See Reevolving pics in the OP These are the pics he intended to use against MCBriennen? I thought he was borrowing someone else's jacket.
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