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Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White It's easy to say "change the channel." It's harder to work patiently to overcome problems. Most couples who have children together, eventually marry each other. This isn't by accident. Women simply cannot live with a man indefinitely if he refuses to make every normal and usual form of commitment to her. Imagine if a man never introduced his lover to his parents. Or if he kept his lover a secret to his friends....
No, not under any circumstance.
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK You don't see the allure of having a life partner? You find someone who you care about deeply, brings you incredible happiness, challenges you as a person, is there for you in the good and the bad, and the above is reciprocated, and marriage doesn't sound like a bad option. Marriage is prerequisite for none of those things.
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK I don't have any plans to get married, but you have to be painfully dense not to get it. Wow, way to convince me there. Perhaps if you are unable to give any reasons to marry, and you are actually not planning on entering into it, you should examine whether it is really such a noble institution?
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK You sound like a catch. Such wit, perhaps you would like to expound on the many and undoubted benefits of marriage?
Read this before you propose This should tell you all you need to know.
Quote: Originally Posted by Carlisle Blues Your levels of resentment and self pity are glaringly obvious. By "the kid" I beleive you mean your "newborn" child. This guy has floated up shit creek, cut him some slack. Threads like this only re-enforce my no marriage policy.
None of them wore a tie, if you are going to demean yourself for the world to see, at least have some sartorial self respect.
Pro tip; looking after a baby is not a fully engaging activity. Women for generations managed to simultaneously look after babies, clean the house and cook their husband a meal, even without all our modern labour saving devices. You sound like you are being taken for a ride. I would correct the situation quickly, a non working wife will pwn you in divorce court, which would seem the natural place for this to end up.
You should try living here, mostly people convert $-£ 1-1 then call it the UK price. It's often cheaper for me to buy from abroad and have it shipped here, mad as that sounds.
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